You will need
  • - magnets;
  • - magnetic jewelry;
  • - compress paper;
  • - fixed machine;
  • - electronic device.
Select the appropriate device for the magnetic therapy: the stationary camera, email or regular magnets. Inpatient apparatus is performed on prescription and is exposed to a magnetic field of the inductor on the sore spot. Electronic devices must be applied to the joint. Their action can be carried out through clothing, a bandage and even a cast. Keep in mind that at the beginning of the impact device you may experience discomfort and pain, but in the future the General condition normalized.
At home you can carry out treatment of conventional magnets. To do this, take a few magnets and massage them in a circular motion clockwise a sore spot. Led magnets to slowly, smoothly, slowly. Between skin and magnet need to put a piece of compress paper. One session of exposure should be about 5-7 minutes. Repeat the treatment with the magnet 1-2 times a day.
Buy magnetic jewelry in the form of bracelets, rings, necklaces or magnetic records on a special Velcro, the magnetic belt. Such magnets are attached to the body and you can wear them as jewelry.
Attach the magnet closer to the affected area: arthritis of the fingers — wear rings or bracelets, osteochondrosis — perfect magnetic belt.
Remember that to start to wear magnets need 2 hours a day and then gradually increase the exposure time. At night magnetic jewelry and belts always remove.
If wearing magnets you feel the pain, pick the less powerful. In summer, you can be hot from magnets as they have a warming effect. Treatment of joints the magnets be sure to increase water consumption, because they strengthen the kidneys, and treatment with a lack of water in the body will be meaningless.
After a while you will notice an improvement in the General condition of the body because the magnet has an impact not only on one place but on the circulatory, nervous and immune system at the same time. Treat joints with magnets defined courses. However, there are cases when people do not feel the beneficial effects of this alternative method of treatment.