The effect of apples

Increased feelings of hunger after eating apples due to several factors. First, Apple juice increases the acidity of gastric juice, resulting in aktiviziruyutsya appetite and, consequently, the person begins to want to eat. Second, and sour green apples contain large amounts of ascorbic acid which is also an appetite stimulant. Thirdly, Apple fiber improves the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, leading to faster digestion of food and needs to re-fill an empty stomach.

For saturation it is recommended to eat loose sweet apples red color, which is much less than ascorbic acid.

In order not to experience hunger after eating fresh apples, nutritionists advise to give preference to baked apples or dried Apple chips. They contain few acids that promote secretion of gastric juice, soothes the digestive tract and saturate just for one snack. To enhance feelings of satiety baked apples can be combined with sugar, curds or honey – but this delicacy is quite high in calories, so people who are on a diet, sweet ingredients is better to exclude.

Terms of use

According to the regulations of the world health organization, the day is not desirable to use more than 500-700 grams of various fruits. However, in Apple season, they can be replaced with apples and 500 grams is the norm for women and 700 grams you should eat men. It is recommended to eat apples just before lunch – ascorbic acid contained in them, stimulate the appetite, and the fiber fills the stomach, allowing the person to eat less food than usual.

If you follow the above rule, you can effectively lose weight and reduce the risk of obesity from excessive food intake.

Apples should be eaten with the peel, as it contains the antioxidant quercetin, which, in combination with vitamin C protects the human body from free radicals. As for the Apple seeds which contains large amounts of iodine they can be eaten, but not more than three or four apples per day. In addition to iodine in Apple seeds is also hydrocyanic acid, which can be poisoned by eating a few pounds of this valuable crisp fruit.