How to make body bees

As a basis we can take an ordinary black dress. What style it will be – to solve to you, it doesn't matter. Now take a bright yellow fabric and cut from it strips, of a thickness of approximately two centimeters. Gently tab the stripes of the dress, so to get the dress in black and yellow stripes like the body of the bee.

Instead of the yellow fabric, you can sew on the dress lush yellow boa, and even better black and yellow, alternating, that would bee turned out evenly fluffy. Under such a suit, wear black, opaque tights and yellow shoes or ballet flats. The head will look good on a headband with a mustache on a spring.

You can take as a basis not dress, top or turtleneck in black, and also sheathing her yellow stripes. To the top to make a skirt out of organza or garbage bags black in color. To do this, take a short mini skirt and chaotic tab on it pieces of material of various shapes and sizes to make a layered skirt with ragged edges. This costume complement black-and-yellow knee socks or tights.

And yet, it is possible to associate the bee costume from the furry thread, this suit will turn out fluffy and heartwarming, but it will be hot as it is warm.

How to make the wings of bees

Wings – a mandatory attribute of the bee costume. They can be made of different materials. For example, try to twist the frame of the wings of durable, elastic wire, cover it with translucent cloth and decorate with sequins, beads and sequins.

You can make wings out of ordinary garbage bags black in color. To do this, cut out of the waste package bees wing, and attach it to the basis of the suit in the area blades. Better if the wings are wide and long, for example, to the thigh, then in your movement, they will scatter and have a good rustle. By the way, there is an option to attach the lower wing to your little fingers on the hands. When you raise your arms, the wings will move with you. For wings from garbage bags, too, can make the frame of the wire. In this case, to rustle they will not, but will look impressive thanks to its black gloss.

Make bees wings from cellophane packages. They were flying, transparent. Glue together with a glue gun, a lot of small packets, forming thus two wings. It is very important that the glue was fully transparent and was not noticeable. Do not try to straighten the packages before you put them together, let them be, even crumpled and rumpled. It will look very unusual and creative. By the way, for such solutions it is recommended to make the wire frame.