First check the phone. Items must be made of plastic and metal and fit tightly to each other. On the case there should not be any additional trademarks or labels. The logo of the company must be spelled correctly and easy to read.
Original Nokia 8800 has a memory capacity of 128Mb and does not provide any additional features such as memory card, slot for second SIM card or built in TV. The presence of one of these functions give an absolute guarantee that the phone is a fake.
Test the keyboard. Keys should be fairly easy to push, say a small squeak when pressed. They must attend the Latin and Cyrillic layout, without any extra characters.
Remove the back cover and the battery, make sure what's underneath is a sticker of conformity to standards of cellular communication, serial number and IMEI. The inscriptions on them should be printed clearly, without smazannost and any typos. Allowed only black font on a white background. Letters should be printed neatly and must be legible.
Turn the phone on and check the internal menu functionality, and also the phone display. Menu should be done in the standard icons, in full accordance with the description stated on the carton and in the instructions. They should be clickable, as well as to choose. It is unacceptable the absence of any menu items, the presence of empty spaces or the menu name in a language different from the language menu.
Type on keyboard *#06# and compare the displayed number with the IMEI number which is on the back of the phone under the battery. In the original, these numbers have to match, otherwise your phone is a fake.
Contact the support service for owners of Nokia phones of the contacts that are available on the official website and give them the IMEI number of the phone to be sure that your phone is not fake.