Graduates of higher education programs who wish to continue training, often wonder what is better to choose the second higher education or master's degree?

The second higher

The second higher education has long existed in the educational market and has not lost its popularity. Therefore, programs of the second higher in different areas there are almost any popular University in the country. Such education is a fundamental learning, with a detailed theoretical explanation of the material, that is why in programs of this form of education so many hours of lecture, seminars and items. Get the kind of education most people busy and working, so training is held in the evening, on weekends or in absentia. Such education is aimed to teach new skills from scratch so that the selected direction of training does not have to be connected with the first higher education. Rather, to obtain a second degree are those who want to change their specialty to find a new job or to Supplement existing activities with the necessary expertise. Popular programs in law, Economics, management, psychology.

Thus, the second higher for those people who want to get fundamental, strong knowledge in the chosen specialty. Among the disadvantages of the second higher education can be called the duration of obtain it - a diploma is issued after 3-4 years of successful study, its largely theoretical orientation, as well as the high cost: for some programs prestigious universities request 400-600 thousand rubles.


Graduate programs are the alternative to the second higher education. In the master you can do after completion of bachelor or specialist degrees. More recently, the master was seen only as a Supplement to the undergraduate program and allow a better understanding of the specialty. But today her program has expanded considerably, and began to focus on the practical development of the subject. Therefore, the master today is a worthy competitor to the second higher education.

A bachelor's degree could be gained in one area, and the master to choose another. First of all, this applies to graduate programs, which are not associated with a specialized knowledge and are highly specialized areas such as "Management", "Economics", "Politics", "Public administration", "Psychology". On these specialties is quite possible to successfully learn, even if the undergraduate program with them not connected. However, if the graduate program requires comprehensive knowledge in engineering, medicine, biology, chemistry, it is better to choose a specialty after one of the related undergraduate programs.

Graduate programs usually have a fairly narrow specialization and a minimum of theoretical study. Graduate students receive extensive practical skills associated with the implementation of its programme in the form of a research project. Graduate programs the duration is only 1-2 years. Usually they are paid, especially for students from other universities and specialties, but their duration helps to reduce training costs.

In General, choose, what program of higher education to enroll, you need to decide the future of the student. A second degree will give the fundamental knowledge of a new specialty, and the graduate program will instill practical understanding of the subject.