The reasons of display of yellow circles under eyes

The most common cause of severe discoloration in the eye area is the sharp increase in the level of bilirubin in the blood. As a rule, increased bilirubin makes itself felt in case of serious problems with the gall bladder or liver disease.
In this case, the yellow circles around the eyes are some of the feature – along with them yellow and the remaining portions of the mucous membranes and skin. Stands out the yellow whites of the eyes. Such signs are usually accompanied by nausea, lethargy, severe abdominal pain and General malaise. Noticing the yellowness around the eyes, carefully inspect the sclera – this is best done in daylight as in the evening, the yellowing will not be noticeable. If, however, the palm turned yellow and the tongue is the right message to appeal to the therapist. You will need to pass some tests and do an ultrasound.

But it is possible to allocate less tragic reasons of manifestation of the ugly yellow circle. Such can occur when ingested large doses of yellow pigment from food. In this case, yellow is not only the eye area, but other areas of the skin. The difference is that in this case, the condition is pretty normal, and the sclera will have a normal color. But to ever so yellow, will have to eat about 2.5 kg of citrus fruits or carrots.

Other causes of yellow eyes are under constant stress and stable lack of sleep, Smoking and poor diet.

Getting rid of the yellowness around the eyes

Yellow circles under eyes, causes of which can be very different, are cured depending on their origin. The most effective and popular method to eliminate the yellowness around the eyes is the infusion of fennel. For its preparation you need to chop the dill (enough for one spoon) and pour a glass of boiling water. Extract obtained regularly wipe the skin around the eyes. But it is only an auxiliary procedure which is not curative in the full sense.

If the cause of the yellowing under the eyes are the constant lack of sleep, it is necessary to observe a certain mode, trying to sleep at least 7 hours. Along with this you will also need to get rid of bad habits for example Smoking, which in itself spoils the color of the skin. It is worth remembering that the regular cigarette is another step to skin problems.

In the morning it is recommended to contrast wash – they refresh the face and make it ruddy and his skin silky. If possible, you need to try not to stay long under the sun – yellow can occur when exposed to UV radiation.