Causes of dark circles under eyes

You first need to identify the cause of such an unsightly cosmetic defect. The simplest and most obvious explanation of the appearance of circles under the eyes can be called the most common factors: lack of sleep, physical and mental fatigue, prolonged computer work, bad habits and age-related changes of the skin.

Besides, to provoke the emergence of blue-purple shadows, bags and dark circles can different diseases of the thyroid gland, digestive or cardiovascular systems; toxicity of the body caused by the presence of worms; hormonal failure, vitamin deficiency and iron deficiency anemia.

Salon treatments for getting rid of bruises and circles under the eyes

Most tanning studios, equipped with professional equipment and materials, ready to offer a comprehensive program that improves the condition of the skin around the eyes. To effectively remove the circles under the eyes will help sessions of laser therapy, lymphatic drainage, mesotherapy, application of drugs based on hyaluronic acid.

Treatments are selected depending on species of origin of the circles: blue and purple pigmentation tells about the subtleties of the skin under the eyes, through which Shine the vessels. For the treatment problem, there are cosmetic fillers injected into the area around the eyes and gives the skin density and opacity.

Circles reddish-brown color, usually caused by rupture of microcapillaries. To eliminate pigmentation used pulses of laser light that allows you to cauterize the problematic vessels.

Folk remedies for getting rid of dark circles and bags under eyes

Decongestant, refreshing and brightening the skin can be made from cornflowers. To this end, over a pot of boiling water suspended from the gauze, into which put a handful of fresh flowers of cornflower, then the pot is tightly closed with the lid. Water, boil on low heat for about 2 hours, then without opening the lid, the pan is placed in a container with ice or cold water.

After cooling, the gauze with flowers removed, the remaining water filtered and bottled in containers made of opaque glass. Cornflower wild raspberries can be used for compresses, washing the sore or tired eyes, eliminate dark circles and bruising under the eyes.

No less effective are ice cubes, obtained from the infusion of herbs: chamomile, sage, balm, peppermint and nettle. Finely ground dry herbs, taken in equal quantities, pour a Cup of boiled water, covered for about 15 minutes, then, without filtering, the mixture is poured into molds for ice and freeze. Herbal ice cubes are used for washing twice a day, and then to eyelids nourishing cream.

Ways to conceal dark circles under eyes with makeup

For cosmetic fix circles under eyes it is not recommended to use a concealer – even the best way with a gentle structure on the thin skin around the eyes will give the appearance of a mask, will give the face an unnatural appearance and will accentuate wrinkles.

To retouch circles product would be ideal for cream-based, designed for point of masking of cosmetic defects – concealers. Concealers are produced in a wide range of colours, so it is important to remember that bruising and purple circles under the eyes remedies neutralize yellow and beige color; greenish pigmentation will hide concealer pink.

The product is applied in small dots along the lower circumference of the eye, then with your fingertips gently shade concealer, moving from the inner to the outer corner of the eye and avoiding stretching of the skin. On top of the masking tools, you can apply a thin layer of loose translucent powder.