The most popular toothpastes for the treatment of periodontal disease

Often for the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease using mineral salts and extracts of medicinal plants that are perfectly relieve inflammation of the gums. Therefore, the composition of a good toothpaste from periodontal disease should contain substances that accelerate tissue regeneration and antioxidants, for example, bisabolol.

Doctors recommend the use in the treatment of periodontal disease toothpaste "Pomorin" Bulgarian production. It contains a significant amount of unique mineral salts from the lake bottom Pomerania. This toothpaste helps to strengthen the metabolic processes in the oral cavity, to improve the microcirculation of the tissues and reduce inflammation of the gums. And the cost of this effective toothpaste is quite small.

Also doctors advise patients to buy a German toothpaste "Rustle". This specialized product allows you to quickly stop bleeding gums and relieve inflammation. Also with regular brushing, the paste Ointment" there is a gradual recovery of damaged tissues in the oral cavity. As a result of using spongy gums strengthened, and harmful microbes are destroyed gradually. In the "Lacalut" there are antibacterial components and also the connection of aluminium lactate to quickly remove the gum.

The composition of the toothpaste "Parodontax includes mineral salts, Echinacea, sage, chamomile, myrrh and ratanov. In the complex, these substances can reliably protect the gums from bleeding. Mineral salt is an excellent antiseptic and astringent that allows you to maintain the natural pH balance of the mouth. So this paste is also effective against periodontal disease, according to experts.

Therapeutic toothpastes of the domestic production

Toothpaste "Forest" from the St. Petersburg company also recommended by doctors as an effective means against periodontal disease. With regular brushing this toothpaste disappears bad breath and the healing of the gums. It contains coniferous-carotene concentrate and various vitamins. That is why this product has anti-inflammatory and healing effect. Deodorizing effect is also important. During the massage the gums and the mouth, this pasta becomes indispensable.

Effective toothpaste "Splat" rich extracts of sage, hawthorn and chamomile. It also contains geranium essential oil. These natural ingredients reduce inflammation and bleeding gums. The antibacterial properties of "Paid" help the microflora of the mouth to stay healthy.