Use only one treatment-and-prophylactic pastes can only slightly improve the condition of the gums. But to completely get rid of bleeding gums when brushing your teeth will help a visit to the dentist. After examination, the specialist will prescribe the appropriate treatment. In most cases, it starts with removal of Tartar. It is inflammation and irritation of the mouth.

The choice of toothpaste for bleeding gums

Periodontitis occurs due to lack of vitamins, in the presence of infectious, allergic diseases. Improper care can also lead to bleeding gums. Careful hygiene can ensure that the disease can be taken under control and eliminate the appearance of bleeding gums.
To change the brush with bleeding gums should be at least once in a month and a half, don't forget to use complete with toothpaste rinses the oral cavity with the herbs.

The best option when gum disease becomes a choice of pasta with herbal extracts of oak bark, chamomile, propolis, sage. They will gently soothe gums, the composition has a beneficial effect on the state of the mucosa.

Treatment paste for the care of the bleeding gums, it is recommended to purchased at the pharmacy. It is better to take a comprehensive tool that will fight pathogens, to eliminate unpleasant smell, reduce bleeding. Brands that produce therapeutic and prophylactic toothpaste to combat gum disease, a lot, so to find the remedy succeed for every budget. This is a paste "Lakalyut Asset", "Parodontax", "Asepta", "Forest balsam" and others.

The nuances of applying the paste for bleeding gums

In the presence of bleeding gums you must brush your teeth more often. All because of periodontitis faster to accumulate plaque. And to not further irritate the gums need time to remove food particles. Need to brush your teeth from top to bottom. Toothpaste patients gums need to use this product, as a rule, it is sufficient to use the product a month. And then the medicinal paste replace to the other, not to cause addiction. If the problem was not eliminated completely, the treatment with a special paste again.

While brushing your teeth with gum disease, you need to use a special brush to remove plaque from interdental spaces. Need to brush your teeth at least five minutes to allow the pasta with the therapeutic effect kicked in. Good results are obtained by cleaning of interdental spaces with the help of threads.
With medicinal pastes, you can perform the massage of the gums, it is best to alternate anti-inflammatory and cleansing agent morning and evening.

Gums will bleed and further, if in addition to choosing the right pasta not to buy a hard brush. It will help you to clean off the plaque, this will be achieved with a massage effect. But it is possible that the gums after application of such brushes will bleed more – it's okay, eventually the bleeding will be reduced.