Why you need a positive assessment of the activities of the employee

If the employee appreciate the management and staff in front of him open wide career prospects, working conditions become more comfortable, steadily rising wages. In addition, respected in the collective man, has the opportunity to creatively approach the tasks, i.e. they have more ways to realize themselves. And since self-actualization and self-expression is the pinnacle of the hierarchical pyramid of human needs, the need to recognize the employee almost always high.

Of the reasons that you do not appreciate, can be set. And they can be objective, i.e., real and subjective, i.e. imaginary. The objective reasons include incompetence, the tendency to commit mistakes, carelessness, laziness, etc. Subjective reason could be age (too young or old colleagues are often treated with disdain), personal rejection, etc.

How to force yourself to appreciate and respect

You began to appreciate for the professional quality, you must clearly display their. Work hard, improve skills, raise their professional level. Much more appreciated because of high quality labor force – master any transactions that increase your skills.

Learn how to present the results of their work and don't let assign them to another person. It is sometimes useful to focus management attention on the difficulties you faced while performing the task, and how you successfully overcame them. Modesty is good, but only in moderation. In addition, if you do not focus on achievements, leadership, likely will only learn about your mistakes, which would not do you good.

Be a man of action – do not allow yourself to make promises but not keep them. If you worked hard, but you failed to achieve a good result before the report to management analyze the reasons of failure and immediately after the report to make any sensible suggestions to remedy the situation.

Build relationships with colleagues. People who work with unpleasant people, will never be appreciated and respected. Be neat, polite, respond to requests for assistance, participate in corporate events.