1. You first need to realize that even though you are working in a team, all of you is a separate unit. You should have your own opinion, and your opinion may not necessarily coincide with the opinion of colleagues. It distinguishes you from the crowd. Not for nothing they say that we must not all like that.
  2. Secondly, you should adequately assess the situation and oneself in a given situation. If there are problems in communicating with the team, and establish relationships does not work, then you need to keep contact to a working minimum.
  3. The main thing is how you work. Do your work on time and accurately. To his superiors did not arise any claims to you. And even if the team would try something neilpryde to say about you chief, you are powerful arguments as an indicator of good work.
  4. Never be offended by the unflattering statements in your direction. The easiest way to ignore or refer to your employment. Thus you will get rid of bad communication and show a sense of self-worth. Learn not to take everything to heart, abstracted from a difficult situation.
  5. Never get involved in the dispute. If you have facts and proof of your innocence, calmly describe them. If you don't want to hear and trying to provoke a scandal, worthy only to end the conversation on a calm note and leave aside. The less you will succumb to provocations, the sooner you fall behind, since lost interest in you to cling to.
  6. You have to understand that learning to control yourself is a long and complicated process. And if you just does not work, then you shouldn't worry. Need to analyze the situation, find your weak points where you made a mistake and that the wrong done or said, and next time will be easier.

When you learn to love, appreciate and respect. And will come in the morning to work with dignity, do not spray on gossip and discussions not related to the job, the faster the team will see you as a strong opponent, and you start to fear, and therefore all claims in your party will leave on the second plan. And even if someone tries to hurt you or offend you calmly react to the situation and go do their own thing, not paying attention to non-professional employees of your firm.