In very hot weather it is not recommended to take a walk with the kids on the street from eleven o'clock to seventeen o'clock in the evening. To do this, more appropriate time in the morning or evening when the sun is not as active. If your city has the sea, rivers, bodies of water, it is better to walk near them. If there are none, then the walk must make in the Park or the square, but most importantly away from the houses, which from the heat as from the stove, emit large amounts of heat.
Sitting at home in hot weather, often try to give the child water treatments. For this, suitable water basins, and conventional small bath. Water shouldn't make too warm, it will be enough 32-33 degrees.
If the house is not air conditioned, can be sent to a child fan. But not so the fan was blowing directly on it, but just periodically scrolled past the baby. You will notice how your baby will be happy with even the smallest breeze. But, most importantly, do not worry that the child might get sick a little drafty in this weather will not harm him.
In hot weather you can open wide the window. Generally, in summer time is to ventilate the apartment every day, especially where the child sleeps. Because in a small age, children need fresh air.
There are parents who fanatically try to protect the child from colds. Do not open Windows, wrapped the baby in warm blankets. But this action will lead to no good. As in most cases, the child is more dangerous to overheat than to SuperCool. The baby, which is kept constantly warm, much more likely to hurt than its peers, who are accustomed to the cool. It is worth remembering that a child's immunity develops from the first year of life, do not try to spoil the baby's health for the rest of his life.
With strong heat, offer your child plenty of fluids, as children in a small age is not enough breast milk to fully satisfy my thirst. You can cook the compote, make tea or just give plain water, but be sure to offer the kid. Let's drink every half hour, the child, of course, can refuse, but you shouldn't be upset, after an hour he reaches for the bottle. If the baby does not want to drink from the nipples, buy polynices, or water from a small teaspoon.
Most importantly, do not dress children's diapers in the hot weather. As they float, the child's body and he becomes uncomfortable. This may even appear redness. Instead podstolice baby under the oilcloth and put on his panties, let him relax.