You will need
  • Summer baby clothes from natural materials.
Do not try to over-coddle the child. Overheating is no less dangerous than hypothermia, so the clothes should be in moderation.
If you are going to dress your baby in the summer, focus on the weather. At a temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius on the baby should be thin tank top or a bodysuit, over which are worn the sliders and cotton shirt. The head can be a bonnet or a lightweight knitted beanie in the case when the weather is windy.
When the temperature rises to 23 degrees, you can do one easy blouse long sleeve with sliders, or overalls.
Above this temperature mark dress your child in clothing that leaves arms and legs exposed. It can be bodysuit or t-shirt with panties. The presence of do not have socks, especially knitted. In the summer it is best to use lace booties, they leak air.
After the temperature reached 26 degrees, you can leave the baby in a diaper or panties. In the peak of the heat it is advisable to use diapers as they can cause overheating.
The presence of a headdress is obligatory in the case when on the baby are exposed to direct sunlight. When he is completely hidden under the roof of the carriage, a sun hat or a light hat can not wear.
Always carry a few diapers, cotton and flannel. In the case of a sharp deterioration in field conditions the kid can always hide and not worry about what he will freeze.