Method permyatskaya dwg file in the full licensed version of AutoCAD. The program will warn you that discovered the stamp of the educational version. Twice answer "Yes" to the question "Continue?" and download the drawing. After that, save it in dxf format of any earlier version of autocad, and the original, close the drawing without saving. Open the dxf file and re-register it in the dwg format of the current version of the program. In some cases, this simple operation allows to get rid of the educational stamp. Often, however, in this resaving having problems with fonts or dxf file is broken and doesn't open.
Method borovecphotos one of the Autonomous programs that convert dwg files without AutoCAD. For example, download the program Any DWG DXF Converter. It is shareware with no registration you can convert 3 files at a time, but for your purposes this is enough. Add the file with the educational version stamp in the file list and aconvertible it without changing the extension dwg and versions of autocad (in other words, perform the operation resaving). Stamp is deleted. When you download the file, Autocad will issue a notification that the drawing has been saved by a third-party program that is not licensed AutoDESK. It never appeared, tick the box "Always open dwg files regardless of origin."
The way tretinoin users prefer not to convert. dwg files, as information is often lost or distorted. In addition, training Autocad fully functional, and all the problems occur at the stage of printing. So if you have the program convert dwg files to pdf (for example, universal print driver pdf files doPDF) and some pdf editor (e.g., Infix PDF Editor), possible another way to get rid of the educational stamp version. Load the drawing in AutoCAD, send to print and select doPDF from the printers list. Pdf file to open the editor, remove the extra labels and save. This option is useful even in the case where the customer does not have autocad and somehow have to convert the dwg to pdf. However, if you have installed a trial version of PDF Editor, it will add to your drawing the appropriate stamp.