Start the manicure with a relaxing and useful baths with sea salt with a few drops of aromatic essential oils. For example, oil of sweet orange or grapefruit relaxes and improves mood, but also refreshes the skin and gives it healthy color. In order to prepare this bath, you will need a small container, a couple of cups of very warm (but not hot! hot water destroys the nails) of water, two tablespoons of coarse sea salt and two to three drops of essential oil. Put your hands in the tub and relax for 10 minutes - during this time the sea salt will strengthen the nailsand the water will soften the skin around the cuticle. Your hands will be ready for manicure.
Now for the skin surrounding the nail and protects it root. The name of this thin skin cuticle. Unfortunately. it tends to grow excessively, which gives the hands of careless and unkempt appearance. The cuticle need to push the stick about once a week. It is not necessary to trim your cuticles - because it is fraught with micro inflammation and subsequent thickening and increased growth of skin. Massage into cuticles drop rich nourishing cream or warmed apricot oil, massage for about a minute and armed with a stick of orange tree. The stick must be perfectly clean and push back the cuticles must be carefully and neatly. During the week, be sure to nourish and protect it, don't forget to regularly apply hand cream or olive oil (preferably warm) with lemon juice.
Now you can go directly to the nails. The first thing to cost them to shape. Short fingers will go a little extra long nails and rounded tip and is long and thin short nails with neat tip natural shape or a slightly rounded. In any case, you can not cut nails with scissors. Thus disturbed their structure and legs begin to stratify. Select a brush of medium hardness, clean and new, and gently, stroke (one way) movements to treat the nails.
Now we have to cover the nail varnish. Before this procedure, remove tissue remnants of the cream or oil, it is necessary that the lacquer goes on evenly and lasted a long time. To the nails have not turned yellow under the effect of color nail Polish, you should apply one layer of Foundation (with added calcium or diamond dust). Give layer to thoroughly dry and begin painting the nails with varnish of your favorite shade. If you prefer to apply several layers, you should definitely wait until the previous dry.