First of all we should define the terminology. For most contemporaries, there is no difference between "fascism" and "national socialism". Fascism as an ideology was born in Italy and pursued the revival of the Roman Empire based on the unity of the nation. National socialism (Nazism) is a product of Hitler, contains the idea of superiority of the German nation over all other Nations of the world. The theory of the state through the prism of Nazism was based on the creation of a unified society, and society race, based on racial discrimination. The future was supposed to be exclusively for the Aryan race, the rest either had to be destroyed, or to perform service functions.
One of the first peoples to total destruction were the Jews. The basis of the idea of extermination of the Jews formed religious motives, spelled out in the Bible. It is known that Christ was crucified the Jews, that their descendants were doomed to be responsible for my entire existence. This was the reason for the persecution of the Jews throughout the Christian world, including in the Russian Empire. Not the fact that the Jews crucified Jesus, there are other versions, but the format of national socialism, the pursuit of the purity of the nation this ideas could not be better.
Some point, Hitler was troubled by the fact that Jesus actually was a Jew himself, so attempts were made to completely rebuild Christianity, where the divine nature was supposed to represent Aryan blood. To rebuild the age-old Christian ideology, of course, beyond the power of even such a strong speaker, like Hitler, but to convince the nation that all their troubles are the fault of the Jews, was easy.
The true background of the persecution of the Jews is more economic in nature. After the First world war, Germany was in deep economic crisis. Large wealth have been concentrated in the hands of Jewish Industrialists and bankers, not because of the defeat of Germany in the war, of course, but the fact remains, a large part of the intelligentsia, doctors, scientists were Jewish. The main objective pursued by Hitler, was the expropriation of property belonging to German Jews.
Technology hate worked the whole organization, Jews were accused not only in the crucifixion of Christ, but in the economic problems of the German people. Of the people, fanatically believe the Fuehrer was not required specific evidence, with the result that the world is facing one of the worst crimes against humanity – the Holocaust.