Characteristics and composition of the tissue

Diving cloth is a synthetic material. This is a high quality fabric, soft and pleasant to the touch. Produce diving from synthetic fibers of viscose, polyester and elastane with cotton, which is the only component of natural tissue.

Viscose fibers are the most natural of all man-made fibers. Viscose is made from wood pulp, it is due to this cloth, which is cotton, does not lose its value. Fabric diving 65% viscose.

Thanks to the polyester fabrics diving have a higher density, which increases their wear resistance. Polyester is 30% tissues diving. And thanks to the elastane stretch things well, returning the picture to its original form. Elastane also has several other names: spandex, neolan, vorin. Fabric diving elastane - 5%. The production of this matter does not require large expenditures.

Fabric properties

Fabric diving is sometimes called the second skin, due to its unique features. It has the property of easy shrinkage. Products made of this fabric do not fade, do not lose their elasticity properties, are well drawn. In addition, after washing of this fabric dries quickly. Prolonged wearing products for diving fabrics not formed pellets. Fabrics diving does not lose its properties even when engaging in this sport.

Products made of diving fabrics and their benefits

Fabrics diving sits perfectly on the figure, so this material is ideal for creating tight things. Some of these things are beloved by all tights and leggings. These things can be considered universal, because they can be worn both for sport activities and a nice skirt or dress. Thanks to diving fabrics, products look impressive, emphasizing the contour of the figure. Also due to its properties, the fabric tightens the body, clings to the muscles, keeping them toned.
Mostly of diving fabrics made sports stuff, but the product of this tissue can be found in everyday life: dress, skirt, bodysuit, pants, swimwear and more.

By purchasing products made of diving fabrics, mostly people prefer black, crimson and beige shades.


As with any material, fabric diving has disadvantages.
First, note that the product of the tissue is wrinkled. After washing in very hot water material goes down, and under direct exposure to the product to sunlight can develop yellow spots.