The composition and properties of polyester

Polyester is a kind of synthetic fabric. It is made from polyester fibers, so called "polyester". Polyester fiber is the result of special refining. First secretes a substance polystyrene, and from it already to derive the polyester. Made from polyester fibers that stretch to the desired configuration. The resulting fibers are intertwined, and it turns out the canvas. Often polyester is added fiber of other materials: wool, viscose. This changes the density and smoothness of the final material.

The polyester fabric has many advantages. It is pleasant to the touch, despite the unnatural origin. In appearance polyester is similar to wool fabric, the characteristics of cotton fiber. Fabric of 100% polyester very durable and resistant to wear. It's lightweight and hardly creases, dries quickly after washing. Under intense heating such material can be given a stable form that is widely used by designers. Polyester does not heated by the sun and almost always remains cool.

The polyester fabric is not changed under the influence of sunlight, it long retains the original appearance and brightness of colors. This product never gets a moth or other pests. Polyester almost not electrified, it is difficult to put a stable spot. From the disadvantages include low air permeability. So in the summer it is undesirable to wear clothes made of 100% polyester. If your choice is still fell on such a product, it should be more cuts and cuts that will improve air circulation.

Wash and care

Rules for care and washing quite simple, but they are worth see. Before washing read the label on the product to learn about the manufacturer's recommendations. Most often you need to wash in water no warmer than 40 degrees. High temperature polyester fiber may be deformed. Do not use bleach.

If supposed to hand wash, prepare a warm solution of water with the powder. Hands satirewire. If you want to get rid of stains, apply a normal detergent, RUB it with the convex side of a spoon and leave it for a while. Things made of polyester can not be ironed. Enough to stretch the fabric as it should and leave it to dry, then the folds will be. When Ironing, choose gentle temperatures and ironed through cheesecloth.