Today, many of us have higher education, but the children's excitement has not yet passed and combined with our intellectual curiosity, a desire to make phosphorus alone. But the trouble is that such things do large enterprises, which have special equipment. Get it from calcium phosphate technical way.

But after these lines are unlikely in the human mind extinguished the ardent desire to make phosphorus by yourself without walking on such a plant. Well, we will help you in this endeavor, but be careful in the process of its creation.

So, we proceed to the "underground" production of this magical glow. Today we have information about the two methods of production of this element at home. And we start with the most simple and fast.

  1. We need the iron Bank of green peas or olives, charcoal for barbecue, a little sand and human urine.
  2. So, take this iron "cookware" and go to the bathroom with her, so that eventually there was a liquid waste product of the human yellow. To overdo it is not worth the amount it is necessary to preserve the same, and that goes for tests to the clinic.
  3. Then we add in a jar of sand in such quantity that the urine is completely dissolved in it. Then fill it with charcoal and carefully stir everything up.
  4. Well, now we have the final step is for this mixture we need to put in the oven or in the fireplace. In General, the main rule is to maintain a high boiling point.

Then you pull out an iron jar and cast a glance at her bottom, where there should be a white precipitate, which is full of white phosphorus. What are you going to do with it is your business, but don't forget that it is poisonous.

In addition to phosphorus and other method. But he, unfortunately, too heavy in the technical execution plan. Phosphorus can be obtained from matchboxes, but the kit you need to take hydrochloric acid, which, far from everyone. And therefore, if you are so eager to create phosphorus alone, then go back to the simple way. We wish you good luck!