From thongs there are several versions with minor differences of structure. The most common is a T-string, designed in the form of a triangle in front and string sides and back. These panties can afford to wear only girls with a perfect figure. They differ from G-strings, providing a small fabric triangle in the back. Depending on the manufacturer, these models can be as close as possible to the format string. In a similar way stitched V-Thong, but the triangle on the lower back formed not piece of cloth and the intersection of the laces. The most erotic panties C-string is designed exclusively for private wear, as consist only of a flexible design, secured with silicone strips.
Online you can find models underwear similar to thongs, but they are not. Tanga is one of those styles — features a large number of tissues and the similarity with conventional bottoms with a low rise. For many consumers, the Thong is much more convenient and hygienic than a Thong in addition, seamless pattern discreetly under tight clothing. Bikini, most often occurring in the composition of the bathing suit, not the bare buttocks, but the sides are joined with thin laces. Shorts g-string and "brasiliana" — compromise solution for pants with a low rise.
Thongs are sewn from different materials. The most hygienic and versatile cotton panties. Synthetics are less visible under clothing, especially the seamless models. Satin, silk and lace models are suitable rather for the bed than for everyday wear. Sheets differ in rise: low, standard and high. If you like to wear shorts and pants with a low waistline, look for panties with a low rise.
Despite the advantages of such a model of underwear, thongs have obvious disadvantages. First, their convenience is quite controversial and questionable. Second, this is the most unsanitary kind of underwear, is also an indirect cause of many infections and irritation of the skin and mucous membranes. Thirdly, thongs are not always appropriate. At home and in training it is better to wear more comfortable lingerie, such as bottoms or shorts. Finally, too often these panties peek out from under the clothes become the subject of heated debate. To avoid this, choose lingerie on the situation and listen to their feelings.