A fundamental change in the wayand should be on all fronts, hair, makeup, clothes, accessories. In this case you must find out the opinion of a man who in this waythe EC. But the advice of a friend in this case is not always the way. Not to commit follies, for the first time, consult a professional stylist, makeup artist. He will be able to match you with a daily festive make-up.
Finding a good hairdresser, you can safely trust him experimenting with your hair. But the hairstyle can really change you. If you have short hair, you can perform the procedure for hair extensions or use the overhead strands. If long – mercilessly cut, as they say, hair is not teeth re-grow. The more that a person can pick up a short cut that will only enhance the beauty of your lines.
As for clothes, be sure to think carefully about the wayin which you want to appear before others. Many women do not even realize what the power of transformation lies in the use of accessories. Even wearing day to day, the same costume you can look different by wearing them with different unusual accessories: scarves, shawls, brooches, handbags, gloves. Let the ensemble will be 1-2 bright accent that will make your image very interesting, focused and stylish. Get a flavor that will make you unique. It can be an accessory that will always be on you, changing only its form. For example, you can pass for a lover of hats, gloves, fancy bags, brooches and so on.
Experimenting, keep a sense of proportion and taste. Even the reincarnation of an elegant lady in a bad girl needs you to decorate, not to scare people away, and that means hair and new style clothes should emphasize your strengths, hide weaknesses, in General, to make the image harmonious and complement each other. Don't be afraid to change your external image, and can change hairstyle and style will be a good impetus to change the imageand life in General.