To recognize the beauty
Nobody would ever consider a woman beautiful if she does not think so. Your face and figure do not correspond to the standards of today? Not a problem. Perhaps they very meet the criteria of beauty of another era. It today we impose the standards of the "girl with figure lace", and for many centuries it was considered a beautiful lady with a nice feminine rounded or even openly. Find as many advantages. Eyes not as large as we would like? But, what expressive. Not satisfied with a mole on his cheek? And, incidentally, there was a time when owners of these moles was considered a rare lucky few and the way to be considered beautiful, had to put on the cheeks flies. In General, any feature can be assessed positively. This will give the confidence and ability to accept myself for who I am, and enjoy it.
It is necessary to pay attention to their health
More movement. If the job is "sedentary", then a couple of stops to home – on foot, on the floor – without a lift, etc. If possible, it would be nice to do sports. Now a lot of different directions and it is possible to choose something like. And do not have to go to the gym, a good workout can be at home. More outdoors, for example in a shop located in two or three stops – not on bus or car, and on foot.Watch out for your health. If there are any problems they need to solve. Disease no one color
Take care of yourself
Skin, hair, nails, all they need is to have them regularly looked after, and from time to time and indulged. For example, a hydrating mask or warm baths. Cosmetic products do not choose by brand and price. It is better to choose it can be less expensive and are known, but proven a suitable tool.
Pay attention to your nutrition
No, to sit on any diets absolutely do not have. Just eat should be in moderation and do not lean on fat and sweet. However, to deprive yourself completely in something delicious is not worth it. Just if I wanted a sweet – break off one "square" of chocolate and not eat it whole.
The beauty and joy of life - inseparable
Find in life a reason to be happy, even if it's something small. It is clear that difficulties and problems we all have, but something good too. Be nice to people, show genuine interest in their lives. Smile more often, even if a reason to smile like and not because the gloomy and "sour" person, certainly no one will ever consider beautiful.