As for the glamour, it is totally absent from the sport style, and in first place put the femininity and beauty.
Stylists created a number of rules that are not recommended to break to achieve his goal while creating a fashionable image. Following their advice, poor quality and cheap things you must eliminate from your closet, replacing them with more expensive but quality with a decent appearance. All the ladies usually know the schedule of all upcoming sales, it allows you to save money without losing quality.
Closet should be filled only skirts, pants and dresses, the different and the most elegant styles. Shoes are chosen in combination with clothing, and expensive. Cheap shoes also dramatically evident as the clothes. The image of girls should be seductive, but there is a danger to confuse it with licentiousness, dressed too openly.
Not the superfluous will learn how to identify the genuine article from a fake, not to get into trouble if you yet ripe for an expensive purchase. Neatness is one of the important conditions. Clothing should not be loose threads and loose buttons.

Almost all clothes from wardrobe should be made of natural materials and fabrics. This is an important factor for health and appearance in General. Synthetic materials has never been considered a prestigious and comfortable. All things should be perfect on the figure. Even if the thing is very fashionable in this period, but it sits on you it is ridiculous and disproportionate, then the model should be abandoned. Closet need to choose the right on the figure and accentuate its strengths while hiding the flaws.

Accessories occupy a special place. The law of glamour is that jewelry must be expensive and classy. Should exclude consumer goods and mass production. As for makeup, it should be natural, with well-chosen accents.
To monitor the condition of the hair and hairstyle are also needed, like clothes. Beautifully stacked, shiny and healthy hair always accentuate their owner. They are often not worth it to repaint only because in this month the color of fashion. You can just protonirovanie your natural color suitable paint, thereby adding depth to the color.

Adhering to all these rules it is possible to achieve the desired results and become irresistible.