The most common recipe using unique animal cucumaria is skoblyanka with meat. Also cucumaria you can fry with onions, carrots and season the sauce with spices. For the preparation of skoblyanka meat you will need:
- 500 g of cucumaria;
- 500 meat;
- onion — 1 PC.;
- 1 tbsp of tomato paste;
- 1 tbsp of flour;
- soy sauce;
- garlic;
- lemon;
- spices, salt (to taste).

It is best to buy cucumaria in the frozen kind, just cook, cool and freeze in the refrigerator and then use as needed.

Keep in mind that cucumaria a very long time cooked, so if you want to skoblenko to the dining table, it is necessary to cook for the night. "Sea cucumber" is going about 4 hours.

Purchased cucumaria defrost, rinse, then place in a saucepan, cover with boiling water and on strong fire bring to a boil. During cooking, always remove the foam. In a dish add salt, spices according to your taste and on low heat cook for 2 hours.

After 2 hours, turn off cucumaria and leave on the hot burner on all night. In the morning drain out of the pan the broth, meat cut into strips or cubes and cook until tender, lightly salted.

In cucumaria add chopped onion rings, a spoonful of flour, the tomato paste, stir and continue to simmer until the contents of the pan until half has evaporated. Remove from heat and leave the sea cucumber to steep for 60 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the meat. Cut the meat into pieces the same size as cucumaria. Sauté over medium heat, then add to the pan, stir in tomato sauce, a small amount of water and continue to simmer. Extinguishing time will depend on what kind of meat you use pork — 40 minutes chicken 30 minutes, beef is 60 minutes.

The meat should stew until until soft. Then you can add the cooked sea cucumber, seasonings and pepper to taste, and soy sauce and crushed in chesnokodavilke 3 cloves of garlic. Simmer for another 3 minutes and then leave for 30 minutes to ensure that the dish could stand.

Cooked skoblenko can be served as a separate dish and with a side dish of potatoes or rice. Skoblenko also can decorate slices of lemon.

Keep in mind that the use of cucumaria in food helps to strengthen the immune system, has beneficial effects on the heart, liver and kidneys, normalizes the thyroid gland and endocrine system and increases sexual activity in men. The caloric value of sea cucumber " is quite small: 35 kcal per 100 g. Therefore, dishes from cucumaria will appeal to all lovers of good nutrition and varied diets.