If the books are old, they can be taken at the point of collection of waste paper. Because the book is wasted paper, felled trees, so it's good when they can again be recycled and put to use. This trash can just accept for processing, and may even pay a little money. To get rid of old books in this way makes sense when you read them it is already impossible, the books were out of shape, faded or completely lost its meaning in modern society.
Return books to the library. This is the most acceptable and popular method to get rid of old books. However, before going to the library need to call back and ask what kind of literature they accept. The fact that even the library can't accommodate all the variety of books, therefore are forced to make restrictions. You will be happy the most popular genres of books: detectives, classics, science fiction and fantasy. Textbooks city libraries is also taken with pleasure, if it wasn't for old school books - they can try to take from the school library.
Books for the library needs to be in good condition, it is best to glue on their own if they need it. Bring in a library of interesting books that you might want to read for yourself, and not politicized literature of the past.
You can give books to their friends or give them to a charitable organization, for example, in a children's home or a nursing home. Usually they do not refuse these offerings, however, there is the same rule as for libraries: books for charity should look decent and should not be too old.
Participate in acts of bookcrossing. This exchange of books, in which can participate any citizen of the city. Only need to find places such exchange of books, to bring their own and you can choose somebody else's book. However, you only need to bring an interesting book that came out recently. Bookcrossing - this is not the place for the exchange of waste paper.
If you want to give books for free, write an ad on Bulletin boards and websites selling used items or social networks about what books you have. Certainly there are willing to pick them up. In addition, they themselves, these books and take away, you don't have to go anywhere and carry heavy publications.
On the same message boards and social networks to advertise and sell old books. This is especially true for those who have valuable rare editions. If you know a shop in the city of Antiques or rare books, you can negotiate the sale and there.