Rigorous evaluation of the size of the Breasts of the woman on the line third size involves carrying out some simple measurements and calculations.


A clear definition of the size of the female bust can be important for a variety of reasons. For example, it allows you to choose the right underwear that will not sit well and does not restrict movement. Therefore, in such cases, you need to stock up on a calculator and measuring tape to make accurate measurements.

First we need to measure the circumference of the torso under the bust. This should be done tightly pressed the tape to the location of measurement immediately under the bust. The second parameter that should be measured, coverage of the breast at the most prominent points. The easiest way to orientate yourself in this situation, attaching the measuring tape to your nipples. It is necessary to make sure that all the rest of the tape it is strictly parallel to the floor: any slack in the tape or the variation of this angle will inevitably lead to erroneous measurements, which subsequently will result in errors in the selection of underwear.

Once the values of these two indicators is obtained, subtract the smaller figure from the larger one. The result of this mathematical operation will be used to determine the size of the bust. So, if he is 10-11 inches, this is the so-called zero size. The difference between the two circles, component of 12-13 inches, corresponds to the first breast size, 14-15 inches - second, 16-17 cm, the third, 18-19 cm, the fourth, 20-21 inch - fifth.

The third dimension

Based on the range of sizes it becomes obvious that the bust size is quite noticeable feature of a woman's body. Therefore, ladies are fragile and asthenic physique rarely are its owners. However, from the point of view of the textile industry to have a third size of a bust can any woman, regardless of her physique: it is only necessary that the difference between the circumference under the Breasts and the chest circumference for it fit in the border.

While the exact definition of breast size based on measurements taken using the tape measure, it is not always necessary. In some cases it is sufficient to estimate the size of the bust on the eyes. To make it easier, having in mind the analogy of different types of fruit: for example, experts say that the owner of a bust of the third dimension will have a breast size and shape is similar with a couple of grapefruit standard size.