Ice cream product is prepared on the basis of milk and other components. Its structure imposes limitations on the conditions and duration of storage of ice cream.

The composition of ice cream

Ice cream, presented today in shops, is characterized by great diversity. The main difference between the different varieties of ice cream is the fat content of the feedstock, and therefore of the finished product. Thus, among the types of this product decided to allocate dairy ice cream, fat content not exceeding 6%, as well as creamy ice cream, the fat content has increased over 6%.

In addition, ice cream may be composed of a number of additional ingredients. So, the most common among them are a variety of fruit fillings and toppings. Also widely used in food additives like chocolate icing and cocoa, nuts, wafers, biscuits and other.

Storing ice cream

To store ice cream for long time at a temperature not exceeding -18°C. Usually this temperature is kept in freezers household refrigerators, so the ice cream purchased in store you must put it there. If your freezer provides for maintaining different temperatures in different compartments, it is advisable to choose one of them, where the temperature is lower it will lengthen the shelf life of ice cream.

The possible duration of storage of ice cream depends on its composition. However, the fat content of the product and its shelf life there is a direct correlation. So, milk ice-cream with fat content up to 6% can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 months without deterioration of its taste. The shelf life of ice-cream will also depend on its fat content: if it is in the range from 6% to 12%, the allowable storage period of this product shall not be more than 4 months and ice cream with fat content exceeding 12% can be stored up to 5 months.

The presence of any additives in the composition of ice cream is having a negative impact on the possible duration of storage. The fact that even at low temperatures, the mixing of different ingredients can cause some chemical reaction that accelerates the process of spoilage. Therefore, in the case of the presence in the composition of ice cream fruit or other additives or fillings experts recommend to store it at temperatures above -18° for a temporary period not exceeding 3 months.