Do I need special education

In principle, it is not so important. Besides, there is no such faculty of "Radio host". You can get an education that somehow intersects with your chosen profession, it may need, in addition, there is the possibility of interesting acquaintances. So, after studying in the Institute of television, you can become not only qualified but also to meet famous people.


One of the most important requirements for a journalist – a good diction. If you do it, fine, but if not, then with the help of special exercises it is possible to improve their performance.

In addition, the radio must be an interesting person. To captivate the listener interest it is not everyone will be able. The pleasant manner of communication, a broad Outlook, the ability to clearly Express their thoughts correctly and to build – all this will allow you to work professionally and with good quality.

Equally important is the ability to quickly navigate in difficult situations. In the air there should not be voids or awkward situation. Therefore, the ability to quickly find the exit – a valuable quality for the radio.

And, of course, you need to be a confident PC user. Knowledge of Studio equipment. However, if the rest of you are all right, it can be learned directly in the work process.

Recommendations for future radio host

You must first work with diction. For this you need to constantly read aloud, speak. You can record your voice and then listening to it, to identify problematic aspects in pronunciation and work on them.

Listen to leading the best channels. Watch as they talk like appeal to the audience as a joke. When you are ready to try yourself in the role of a radio host, you need to select a specific radio station (or several) to call or send an attractive email with a brief summary. Tell us about your ability and desire to work. Don't forget to include your phone number. This letter certainly does not go unnoticed.

When you are invited to the audition, try not to worry. Anxiety could stop you, you want to get this to work. So pull yourself together and show all their best qualities, including confidence. Try to answer the proposed questions clearly, with humor and goodwill.

If you will be offered trainee work hours, when many listeners, and with a small salary – agree. You will learn a lot and after two or three months will feel, how you've grown during this time. Then, and be ready for more responsible work. You'll be out in big air.