In order to become a TV presenter first and foremost you need to get a proper education. Faculty presenters does not exist, so it's best to go into journalism, and after graduation to enroll in presenters, if such is your city.
Learn how to clearly Express their thoughts, develop the fantasy. Today, there are two types of television programs. For some of them the presenter himself is all their texts to others writing full-time authors, and the presenter only reads the texts. Professional presenters, who enjoyed success with the audience, they write their texts by themselves. Therefore, the ability to write good and interesting you will definitely be useful.
Develop good communication skills. To pass the audition and become a TV presenter, you need to be able to carry on a conversation with anyone. Your job will involve communication not only with smart and nice people, most likely, you will have to talk with those who you absolutely unpleasant. Learn to find common language with everyone, even with closed people.
Work on diction. Each presenter should have a beautiful and correct diction. Train your speech to your pronunciation was clear. You will have a lot to say. If you "swallow" some of the words or stammer, the work of the presenter you not to.
Pay attention to your appearance. You want to be a celebrity to have your TV shows watched thousands of people? Then, on top of that you have to please the audience and externally. Watch your figure, hair and makeup, they have to be perfect.
Remember that all the time you need to develop as a person. You have to be interesting to the viewer. Make your transfer was a success, you need to not only motivate people, but also charisma. This should be a comprehensively developed person.
Learn to smile always and all. Presenters are ordinary people who also may be problems or troubles. But, whatever happens, they have no right to show a bad mood to the audience. They are always open and smiling. You need to be not only fun, but emotional man. If you're cold and standoffish, the audience will feel it.
Make sure to be the presenter – this is your dream. It's very difficult work, many leading up to the evening, even hoarse. Shooting can last 12-14 hours. This inhuman work. But if you dream about it, and you have everything in order with the nerves, you really need to work on the TV. It's time to sign up for the trials.