Choosing grape varieties for planting in your vegetable garden, consider the region of residence. Thus, in the southern regions of the country suitable heat-loving varieties for the rest of the plants are hardened and resistant to lower temperature readings.

When to plant grapes?

Young seedlings of grapes, regardless of variety, can be planted and in the fall before the first frost, and spring – from mid-April to the second half of June. The annual planting of seedlings is best done before mid-may, while green and vegetative plants can be planted later.

If planting young shoots of grapes produced in the autumn, care must be taken to protect the plant from winter cold. This seedling should be placed before the frost under cropped plastic bottle. To keep the plants "breathe" in the bottle should do several small holes.

For planting it is desirable to use only healthy seedlings. So, annual seedlings, it is suitable for planting, should have a white, sturdy rhizome. If the root has a brownish tinge, to put such a plant is not worth it.

Before planting, the seedling should be soaked during the day in clear water and carefully cut it, leaving a length of 15-20 cm (3-4 eye). To protect the seedlings from the infectious diseases and the possible invasion of parasites, its stem should be treated with 1% solution of the pesticide "DNOC".

A place for planting grapes

We must not forget that the vine is still the plant of the South, and therefore to plant it in the appropriate places. The best place for planting young seedlings is a southern, southwestern or Western side of the house, barn, garage or any other buildings.

To plant the grape must on the slopes, though we must remember that the distance to other trees growing on the plot should not be less than three meters. Ideally, five or six meters.

To provide the plant full and healthy growth, it is necessary to prepare an appropriate soil – in the form of a kind of a layer cake. The first thing you need to fill in the pit a layer of fertile topsoil (10-15 cm), then two buckets of rotted manure. The next layer – feeding the soil, which usually consists of 200 grams of superphosphate, 150 grams of fertilizers based on potassium and one jar of wood ash. Cover the layer of fertilizer, again a layer of topsoil.

The procedure described above should be performed twice, and only then in the resulting "layer cake" you can plant grapes. Before planting the soil should be watered with water. So, if the planting of grapes produced in areas of the middle band of the country, enough to water the soil 2-3 litres of water; if the grapes are planted in the arid climate, for the first irrigation is best to use at least 2-3 buckets of water.