Prevention meteozavisimosti

Healthy people should be aware that increased sensitivity to climatic temperature changes can be prevented by physical training. According to statistics, athletes do not suffer from meteozavisimosti. For example, people regularly every morning is run. During the run he's experiencing a slight jump in blood pressure, which is beneficial to hardening the cardiovascular system. As a result, people almost do not react to changing weather conditions. Therefore, any exercise contribute to overall wellbeing of a person.

However, during magnetic storms and solar flares it is necessary to reduce physical and mental stress. Also in the "hard" days, it is desirable to maintain a milk-vegetable diet. And of course to give up alcoholic drinks, spicy, fried, fatty and cold food. If the body reacts to meteorological conditions, insomnia, you can take sedative recommended by your doctor. In order to prevent useful systematically to visit the bath or sauna, massage. Or daily take a contrast shower. In addition we must not forget about walks in the fresh air.

Weather dependent - treatment

Meteopathy is treated in combination with chronic diseases. This happens due to the fact that many diseases provoke the dependence on weather conditions. First of all, you need to follow the weather forecast and be ready for changes in advance by taking preventive measures. Important time to see a doctor to identify the root cause of the disease. It can be diseases of neurological nature.

Hypertensive patients should avoid strong stress, both negative and positive. Also have to take a sedative medication prescribed by the attending physician. And be careful to use the exercise. During magnetic storms it is recommended to reduce the consumption of salt and water. Instead of drinks, it is better to drink water acidulated with lemon or cranberry juice. People suffering from low blood pressure, it is advisable to take multivitamins, extracts of schisandra, Eleutherococcus, aralia and soft drinks, tea and coffee.

All weather-sensitive people useful for Hiking long distances in the Park area daily and apply a feasible exercise. Additionally, to improve well-being and reduce pain in hypotensive and hypertensive patients, the physician prescribes medication. No less effective treatment of meteozavisimosti people's means. For example, infusions of pine needles, marsh cudweed shown as additive in the bath. Ingestion help infusions of herbs: Ling; clover; celandine and calendula; elecampane; black elderberry, wild rose; mint; Indian bow.

People with cardiovascular disease, it is useful to inhale the scent of peppermint. Or breathe the powder from the crushed validol. These simple techniques will help when the first signs of weather sensitivity. No less useful breathing exercises. When manifestations of poor health can be put on the tongue a small piece of propolis size of a match head, if you are not allergic to bee products. And need to drink blood-thinning medications.

Meteodependent people need to try to sleep was full: at least 8 hours a night. Possible to sleep in the afternoon - 40 min-60 min. Very useful sessions of relaxation, you can arrange for yourself. It's enough to retire to a secluded place for 20-30 mins a day, listen to soothing classical or instrumental music or meditate.