Many people notice that their body responds to the change in the weather: headaches, disturbed heart rate, irritability occurs. Why is this happening?
The main meteorological factors such as temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, cosmic radiation and magnetic fields act on the human during fetal life. So the baby is born already adapted to these phenomena. His organs and systems, responsible for the harmonious coexistence with the environment, are working 100%. The failure in their work can be observed in various diseases, primarily diseases of the Central nervous system. It is considered that the first change in the weather react the heart and blood vessels. In fact, they, along with the intestines, bronchi, organs, hormonal and urinary systems are responsible for transmission of impulse from the Central nervous system.
The nervous system controls their activity, and that is why you may be signs of meteozavisimosti colds, bronchial spasms, disorders of the heart etc. However, a malfunction of the Central nervous system may occur not only due to illness. As studies have shown, meteosensitivity people suffer without a firmly established routine, regularly nedosypayuschie and are in constant stress. If you are a resident of a large city, the risk of weakening of the functional state of the nervous system raises you several times. The fact that you have to have great information, emotional and psychological stress. The situation is exacerbated under the influence of different radiation from cellphones, cell towers, household appliances, etc.
Your brain becomes more electrically active, magnetized. In connection with the change in the charge cells of the charge and its shell increases the energy consumption, and this leads to a proactive response to any external stimulus that is associated with the pressure change, humidity, magnetic field of the Earth etc. And the systems that are responsible for the inhibition, regulation and restriction is no longer able to perform their duties, as they have energy. The result is weather dependent – increased sensitivity of the brain to any influences in the external environment.
This phenomenon increases with age, as old age all the organs and systems gradually weaken its function. Enhance sensitivity to climate and weather factors can and head trauma. Of particular importance is the invasion of cyclones and atmospheric fronts. In this case the shorter the period of time during which the weather changes, the more often and sharper will be meteopathic reaction.
The mechanism of development of headache, most weather-sensitive people depends on the changes in vascular tone and increase the vibrational activity of blood vessels. If the weather changes, the vibrational mobility of the cerebral vessels increases, which stimulates the activity embedded in the walls of blood vessels receptors and nerve fibers sensitive to pain. The resulting pulses are moving in the cerebral cortex, where the formation of a headache.