You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
The easiest way to find the email of the organization or officials. Please, visit the website of the institution in the section "contacts" or "contact us". Along with the geographic, mailing addressth and phone you can find there e-mail. E-mail a specific person or Department in an organization you can find on his page on the website.
If the organization does not have its own website, use other sources to search. To search in big cities you can use the database of companies, attached to the map system "Double GIS". You can download it on your computer or to use online on the official website of the company In the database except the addresss and phone numbers are specified more and electronic boxes.A similar search can also be performed with the assistance of the Internet search engine Google. Enter a search string the name of the company. If she appears in the Google data, you will be able to see its location on the map and also a contact phone number and email address.
To find the email address of a private person, start your search with social networking. Some people indicate your e-mail page free. But the search is complicated by the need to register on such sites.
Another possibility is to search through the directories of graduates of higher educational institutions. For this you need to know the name of the University, from which he graduated. Visit the University's website, select "Alumni". Many universities spread information about the graduates containing the names and surnames and, in some cases, and email address.