In the course of numerous researches it is established that tea tree oil has a strong disinfectant action. The drug leads to death of many bacteria. Because of this it is used in the composition of the wound-healing agent during the Second world war.
The oil also has a detrimental effect on pathogens of fungal and parasitic diseases of the skin. Australian scientists have proved that it besides is a strong antiseptic, also opposed to numerous viruses, including herpes. In addition, the substances contained in the oil that can neutralize snake venom. The drug has virtually no harmful effects: in some cases, just skin redness, swelling, which quickly pass.
Antimicrobial and antiviral effects of tea tree extract make it an indispensable remedy for herpes. Thus when applying it to the skin is the destruction of viruses. In addition, this therapeutic agent and increases local immunity and, therefore, is a good preventive measure.
The drug should be applied to painful places of the skin. It is used in pure form or as mixtures. But also you can dilute it in equal proportions with soybean oil. Then it will have a more gentle effect on the skin. Do not take pure essential oil of this tree, since in excess it can cause quite severe burns. The mode of application of the drug the following: 3-4 times a day until complete disappearance of herpes. Before use carefully remove the crust from the wound with a wet tissue.
The oil is also effective if you mix it with any other – for example, fir or melissani. The last part will help to remove herpes even when it appear. In combination with melissam oil described procedures must be done more often. But fir the "air" you have to be careful because he has a strong cauterizing action.
Before using tea tree oil it is advisable to test yourself for possible allergic reaction, mixing a small amount with a drop of solution of vitamin E oil and applying on the inner surface of the forearm. The skin should not be red for hours.