Most often, a man decides to commit adultery due to the mismatch of temperaments. He needs a certain amount of intimacy that a wife can't meet those needs. Regular refusals of the wife, her unwillingness or cold attitude can push into the arms of another. The feelings for the beloved can not go, and infidelity becomes just an opportunity to satisfy the animal instinct.
Sometimes men cheat because of lack of emotions in a permanent Union. They want former warmth, love, experiments, and everyday problems make life in a boring pastime. Someone begins to look for sexual experimentation, someone just support and faith in yourself. While love can be very deep for his wife, because a joint made a couple of years, not just lovers, but friends, and loved ones. And on the side is only satisfied thirst for adventure and new emotions.
There are men conquerors. They constantly conquer new heights, constantly want to get as much as possible. They do it in career and in romantic relationships. The presence of the woman is important to them, because she is the Muse for achievement, but to stay in the conquest of others, he still can't. Women just need him for the collection he did not value them, does not bind, and only considers their trophies.
Men love well-groomed women in their fantasies they often caress the girls on the cover. And if they have tucks case to realize his dream into reality, not everyone will be able to refuse. Beautiful body, lovely hair, sweet voice can drive you crazy, and with a small amount of alcohol you want to also increases. In such treason is no feelings, it is only the embodiment of the old fancy. To avoid this from happening, a woman needs to look great, but also sometimes to change the way that a man never bored, so felt fine with his beloved beauty.
For many representatives of a strong half sex is not an act of love, but just a physiological process. To get involved in the employee doesn't need to be her lovers. The presence of marriage, a warm relationship and mutual attraction, not bothering to look for something else. Unlike women, men do not invest too much importance in adultery, they are just a coincidence, but the bonds of marriage are important. No wonder that lovers rarely get Valentine's from a legitimate marriage.