The referral and referrer

Referral is the person involved in the program, another participant in the project. For example, the person receives the invitation from another to participate in anything, for it invited a party receives a certain percentage of future earnings referral. The person who invites a referral, call the referrer.

The method of getting simple. By accessing any site, user can see the link referrer, which invites to become his referral. Often this can be promised any compensation. For example, agreeing to become someone's referral, people can access some features of the site, closed to the average user.

The referral system is widely used in network marketing and Internet business. The benefit of the inviting party is not limited to only getting part of the profit from the income. If the user also decides to invite a referral, a part of his earnings, but less will be credited not only to him, but "above" - the one who invited this person. Everything goes through the chain from the bottom up.

Referrals are divided into direct and indirect. Direct referral — a person registered by a direct link referrer. Indirect — the one who register from the secondary references.

Ways to get referral

The easiest and most common way to attract referrals is placing referral links on various sites, forums, social networks. This method requires no financial cost and very effective.

There is another way. For example, when you visit the website of the person offering the downloading of various content, but on the condition that this user will go to another website and sign up for it.

The same principles apply in network marketing. There are many manufacturers of various products, which do not distribute their goods in trading networks, and offer it for sale with other people. These people in addition to direct sales can also offer the participation in this business. In this case, the person who agreed to this proposal, it becomes a referral. In the process he will also be able to invite other referrals being their referrer.

But the referral system is directed not only to earn money by bringing referrals. For example, in the Internet, this system is used to attract people to groups. And when you create new sites frequently to attract new users to increase the ranking of those sites.