Advice 1: How to encrypt a link

When working with various Internet projects, site owners often requires the ability to hide and encrypt links – often it is necessary to be successful with affiliate programs, which is impossible without the encryption referral links. In most cases the visitors of the sites by hovering over the link, determine that it is an affiliate, and this adversely affects the number of transitions and thus on the total income. That's why links should be encrypted.
How to encrypt a link
Complete your affiliate linkusing the following code:
<a href= onclick="this.href=''">link Title</a>
In this case, a visitor to the site, if you hover the mouse on the link, you will see not address entirely, and only the text that you specified in the beginning of the code (href). While the actual link address is the address that you specified after the onclick parameter.
You can also make the link redirect – to do this, create a separate PHP file called disc.php and enter the following code:
<?php $URL="";
This file will download in the site root on the server, and now when you place the affiliate link on the site page, add her link on the PHP file – so the link was as follows:
If you use the paid hosting with support PHP scripts, the redirect will work properly, but if your site is hosted on a free hosting with limited features, you can create a redirect without PHP. Instead of using the page on the computer, create file disc.htm open it with Notepad and enter the following into a file:
the <head>
<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="1;URL="">
the <body>
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
document.location=" ";
Now when you publish your affiliate links you need to add after the prefix disc.htm.
You can also use Internet services to create shortened links for example, or Working with such services intuitive. You write the desired link, and the system displays it in a shortened encrypted. In addition, these services allow you to track the number of visitors who clicked on your link, their geography and more.
To encrypt the link. You can encrypt the link of any Web site and get a short URL will be your Web resource. To use the service of short links you need to sign in your personal account or register a new user.

Advice 2 : How to encrypt text

Data encryption is one of the ways to protect information from unauthorized access. There are many different encryption methods, you only need to choose the most convenient for you.
How to encrypt text
You will need
  • computer.
Use simple techniques to encrypt texts, if you need to pass small amounts of information. Record original message, then you can shift the alphabet by one letter. To do this, copy the text, but instead of each letter write the following after it in the alphabet. For example, encrypted according to such methods the text "Information" will look like this: "Johnnie". You can do things differently - instead of the letters of the alphabet, enter the letter opposite to it, for example, instead of "A" type "I". To do this, write the letters of the alphabet, divide in half, number each half.
Use the ciphers replacements to encrypt texts. Here we use mogoltavica substitution, which changes and displays the alphabets used for encryption. To encrypt a message using cipher Gronsfeld. To do this, write down the exact message, create a digital key that is combination of numbers to encrypt. Write down this key under the letters of the message. If the key is shorter than the text, repeat it. Next, encrypt the message this way: for example, the first letter of the message – L. the Key you used, looks like 35399. Accordingly, under the first letter you have is the number "3". So, under this figure type the letter, the third in order after the "L". Get the letter "O". Similarly encrypt the other letters. Someone who knows the digital code has the encrypted text and the method of encryption, it is easy to decipher the text.
Use data encryption if you have no time for inventing ciphers and coding of texts. Download it from the link Run the program, enter the password (key) which will be the basis for data encryption. Decryption will be possible only after entering this password. Enter this into the program text to be a coded message, click "Encrypt and decrypt "to Decode".
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