You will need
  • - surveying;
  • - copy of cadastral plan and copy of cadastral passport.
To determine the adjacent territory to a private home, please contact your local authority and get a copy of the plan of the lands of settlements. Based on this plan, you will conduct the survey, the layout and installation of boundary markers.
To conduct the survey, please see the registration in the cadastral chamber, apply to the procedure of land surveying. Based on the survey, make the act of agreeing borders with all neighbouring landowners and submit the technical and legal documents in cadastral chamber.
After receipt of the cadastral passport number and plan, register their rights of ownership in the registration centre for unified registration of real estate transactions.
If you want to delimit the areaunder an apartment house, the procedure is exactly the same. Get a copy of the plan in the administration, call the engineer inventory. It will conduct all the technical work and give you a folder of technical documents on the basis of which can be put adjoining land into a single land registration. Most often, the survey draws the lessee of an apartment house.
The apartment house belongs to a great number of owners. The adjacent area is part of the ownership of an apartment building, but to register ownership rights on all tenants is simply impossible. Therefore, the adjacent territory can be used by all tenants and, if necessary, to extract from the cadastral passport and the copy of the cadastral plan (article 16 section 5 of the Federal law "On the introduction of the new Housing code of the Russian Federation). Such a need may arise from the tenants, if the local area should make a cellar or in the house adjoining territory claimed by third persons who are not owners of an apartment building.
Residents of an apartment building are entitled by the General meeting and vote to decide to take part of the plot (or whole plot) for rent, for example, for the Parking of vehicles or for a shop. Money from the rent can be shared among all the owners to go to the ennoblement of territory or for repair and for payment of payments on the house counters of heat, light.