Advice 1: How to achieve the figures 90-60-90

To get closer to the ideal figure, you need to eat right, do specific exercises and treatments. Regular aerobic exercise will also help to make perfect proportions.
How to achieve the figures 90-60-90
You will need
  • Bike, Hoop, nutrition plan.
To get the ideal parameters of the figure is difficult, but possible. However, for this to be the initial predisposition. So, if by nature you have normal or big-boned body type, unlikely to bring the waist up to 60 cm, and hips to 90, unless, of course, to exclude recourse to surgeons and surgery, such as removal of ribs. The same applies to the chest. If the nature of the chest has a small size, enlarge it without surgery will not work. It is worth noting that this ideal is very questionable and such amounts will look good only in combination with fairly high growth. In addition, such asthenic body type looks favorably only on the fashion catwalks, but in real life does not look so attractive.
Proper nutrition. If natural resources are to make sizes of 90-60-90, you can try to get closer to "ideal". To do this, make a food plan which will stick permanently. You will have to exclude all fatty and starchy foods, forget about chocolate and sugar, meat to leave only lean chicken. Allowed to eat lean fish, cooked without oil. Vegetables should be the main ingredient supply. Low-fat dairy products in the first half of the day will also be very useful. All you need to avoid any alcoholic beverages.
Sports. Regular aerobic exercise will be very useful for weight loss whole body. Also pay attention to the bike that perfectly shapes the hips. But to overdo it is not necessary, as the pumping muscles of the hips leads to an increase in their volume. It is better to use a stationary bike or bike regularly, but slowly. To near the waist to the desired one, you have to work on oblique abdominal muscles. A useful exercise here would tilt to the side, circular rotation of the pelvis and the rotation of the Hoop. You need to engage regularly, every day. Waist will never be 60 cm, if the stomach will not be flat and flabby. To achieve a flat stomach, you can use the lifts the torso and legs of "lying" and exercise "scissors".
Beauty treatments and massage can have a positive impact on blood circulation, increase metabolism, and weight loss will go faster. Using a variety of body wraps and massage can achieve good results in the reduction of cellulite and fatty deposits in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.
Of course, if the nature gave you the desired built body, you can always seek the assistance of surgeons. Modern plastic surgery can change the body shape associated with the structure of the skeleton. Also often used operations such as liposuction and lipolifting, involving the removal of subcutaneous fat.

Advice 2: What to wear girls with type figure "Hourglass"

90-60-90 is a stereotype of what should be perfect figure. Note that this is just some ersatz, under which, perhaps, does not match any one famous supermodel. Really beautiful and feminine is considered to be complexion, in which Breasts and thighs are about the same volume, but the waist is 3/4 of that figure. If you belong to this body shape, resembling an hourglass shape, you can only envy.
What you should wear to accentuate a gorgeous figure? Let's get together.
What to wear girls with type figure "Hourglass"
The owners of X-proportions are really lucky, because their figures (in the absence of excess weight) fits well in almost any clothing. When choosing clothes it is important to emphasize the femininity, repeating the curves of the silhouette.

Basic principles when choosing a style is:
- to emphasize the waist line. You are allowed any decorative elements, inserts, belt at the waist.
- to give preference to easy, fluid fabrics, materials, seamlessly follows the curves.
- select model, monochrome, monochrome as things visually "slim".
And another little secret: collars and cuffs should have rounded flaps.

That your body is contraindicated:
- baggy, shapeless things,
- dresses, coats in the form of a trapezoid or rectangle.
- clothes that draw attention to the hips.
- things with geometric print in a large strip.

All the details of your image must be refined, refined, structurally unstable without geometric forms: the handbag should be small, soft, shoes - no sharp socks. The same applies to jewelry and jewelry.

The perfect outfit for girls with type figure "Hourglass" - the one that hugs the chest and freely flows from the hips down. Avoid accents at the hips.

Tops, blouses, shirts
In order to emphasize the advantages of your figure, visually balance the top and bottom, you should focus on such models, as:
- blouse with a deep neckline
- top, off-shoulder, strapless,
- shirts, blouses, sweaters with attached cover,
models smell.
Beware of cowl and if the Breasts puffy - do not purchase clothing with a boat neckline.

Owner of slender legs can safely open them, allowing yourself a mini-skirt. In addition, when X-proportions of a figure fit model high-waisted skirts, classic pencil skirt and Godet skirt.
But skirts with large prints and horizontal stripes - definitely not your option.

Jackets and blazers for the type of figure "Hourglass" needs to be fitted, a perfect length - if the model ends at the hip.

Pants and jeans
When you choose jeans, pay attention to model with an average fit - they will highlight your waist and make the hips too wide.
You can afford Capri pants to mid-calf.
Skinny pants are not for you, so model categories.

For owners of small Breasts fit two-piece bathing suit of any color, even the most bright and colorful colors. Curvy shape easily hidden with a separate bathing suit top.
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