Advice 1: How to make a hourglass figure

Of the three main types of female figures: Apple, pear and hourglass, the most attractive is considered to be the last. Even if the proportions are outside the boundaries of the standard 90-60-90, this still looks harmonious. Proper nutrition and special exercises will help you to bring the figure to the sandy type.
How to make a hourglass figure
So, to make your waist look slimmer, first, start to adhere to a balanced diet. Exclude from the diet of fast food, fat and flour. Replace the sweets with dried fruit. Eat more vegetables, fruits and greens. From drinks, choose green tea, natural juices and mineral water without gas.
As for exercise, it should be done regularly. Daily exercise, start with 10-minute workouts. It may consist of walking in place, bending the body, head rotation, shoulders, hips and wrists. To complete the warm-up complex light Jogging in place for 3 minutes.
To perform the first exercise - twisting with the rise of the head - lie on your back, bend your knees, feet put on the floor, pull your stomach. Hands can be placed behind the head, not crossing the fingers to the castle.
Time raise the shoulders and head and lock this position for 20 seconds. Hips may be perking up a bit. The load must fall on the press.
Two lower your head, shoulders and hips to the starting position and relax your abs.
To perform the second exercise is the reverse curl - lie on your back, legs also bend at the knees. Put your hands along the body with palms down, pull your stomach.
Again - tighten the press, lift the hips up so that the coccyx was in the air. Secure the pose for 10-15 seconds.
Two to return to the original position. The hips in this exercise, you should lift smoothly, without jerks accomplished. During exercise careful, how to tighten the abdominal muscles.
Getting to the third exercise - oblique crunches - the lie on the floor, right leg bend at the knee, leaving the foot on the floor. Put the foot on the leg so that the left ankle on top of right knee and left knee looked to the left. Put your hands behind your head, not joining the fingers, the belly pull.
Again - turn your head and shoulders, turning the right shoulder to the left knee. Try to touch the knee with your elbow. Fix the position for 15 seconds.
Two to get down on the floor and relax. All exercises should be performed at 7-10 times.

Advice 2: How to achieve a wasp waist

At all times a woman's figure into an hourglass shape to envy. Which only tricks nor resorted to the fairer sex! Take the fashion for corsets. Yes, they created the effect of a wasp waist. But this caused great harm to female body. All the internal organs were compressed, impaired circulation, leading at best to frequent fainting.
How to achieve a wasp waist
You will need
  • gymnastic Hoop.
Begin to consume fewer calories than you expend in a day. To make the waist slim, it is necessary to remove from it all excess fat. And to achieve this only with the help of physical exercises it is impossible. Lose weight gradually. After all, if a person is hungry, his body retains calories in reserve rather than spending them.
Calculate how many calories you spend in a day. This can be done according to the formula of the Muffin-Jeera or Harris-Benedict. To reset for the week of 0.5 kg, you need to receive a day about 500 calories. To make it easier than it seems. Discard the extra chocolate, substitute sweet coffee to green tea, do not eat pastry. These tips will help you to reduce the number of calories consumed. Or refrain from a hearty dinner. Replace it with something low-calorie, for example, 100 grams of boiled chicken and a glass of tomato juice. Try to lose weight up to 1 kilogram a week.
Exercise. To make the waist slim will help ordinary walking. Practice Hiking for 20 minutes each day. You can do on a treadmill, but then the effect will be slightly worse. Because in the gym is limited access to fresh air. So, there is no oxygenation of blood.
Twist the Hoop 2-3 times a week for 10 minutes. This exercise will cause your muscles to tone and improve blood circulation.
Do the exercises for the waist. Lie on the floor near the wall and put her legs so that the shins are parallel to the floor. Hands interlock in a lock behind his head. Slightly raise your head and shoulders off the floor and lock this position for 10 seconds. To perform this exercise you need 20-30 times per workout.
Lie on the floor and clasp your hands in a lock behind his head. Ride in one direction and then the other. Perform this exercise for 3 minutes for one workout.
Do not perform crunches and sides. Especially the slopes to the side. They help to increase muscle tissue. Ie waist, these exercises will only get wider.
To reduce bulging muscles impossible. If you've done too many crunches, then do the waist "wasp" you will not succeed.
Useful advice
Make regular massage of the waist and press with firming creams.

Advice 3: What to wear girls with type figure "Hourglass"

90-60-90 is a stereotype of what should be perfect figure. Note that this is just some ersatz, under which, perhaps, does not match any one famous supermodel. Really beautiful and feminine is considered to be complexion, in which Breasts and thighs are about the same volume, but the waist is 3/4 of that figure. If you belong to this body shape, resembling an hourglass shape, you can only envy.
What you should wear to accentuate a gorgeous figure? Let's get together.
What to wear girls with type figure "Hourglass"
The owners of X-proportions are really lucky, because their figures (in the absence of excess weight) fits well in almost any clothing. When choosing clothes it is important to emphasize the femininity, repeating the curves of the silhouette.

Basic principles when choosing a style is:
- to emphasize the waist line. You are allowed any decorative elements, inserts, belt at the waist.
- to give preference to easy, fluid fabrics, materials, seamlessly follows the curves.
- select model, monochrome, monochrome as things visually "slim".
And another little secret: collars and cuffs should have rounded flaps.

That your body is contraindicated:
- baggy, shapeless things,
- dresses, coats in the form of a trapezoid or rectangle.
- clothes that draw attention to the hips.
- things with geometric print in a large strip.

All the details of your image must be refined, refined, structurally unstable without geometric forms: the handbag should be small, soft, shoes - no sharp socks. The same applies to jewelry and jewelry.

The perfect outfit for girls with type figure "Hourglass" - the one that hugs the chest and freely flows from the hips down. Avoid accents at the hips.

Tops, blouses, shirts
In order to emphasize the advantages of your figure, visually balance the top and bottom, you should focus on such models, as:
- blouse with a deep neckline
- top, off-shoulder, strapless,
- shirts, blouses, sweaters with attached cover,
models smell.
Beware of cowl and if the Breasts puffy - do not purchase clothing with a boat neckline.

Owner of slender legs can safely open them, allowing yourself a mini-skirt. In addition, when X-proportions of a figure fit model high-waisted skirts, classic pencil skirt and Godet skirt.
But skirts with large prints and horizontal stripes - definitely not your option.

Jackets and blazers for the type of figure "Hourglass" needs to be fitted, a perfect length - if the model ends at the hip.

Pants and jeans
When you choose jeans, pay attention to model with an average fit - they will highlight your waist and make the hips too wide.
You can afford Capri pants to mid-calf.
Skinny pants are not for you, so model categories.

For owners of small Breasts fit two-piece bathing suit of any color, even the most bright and colorful colors. Curvy shape easily hidden with a separate bathing suit top.

Advice 4: Clothing type figure

When choosing clothes, in most cases, preference is given to those things which they like or are attracted to for the price. However, in order to look harmonious and stylish, you need to consider the features of your body. After all, if a girl knows how to use clothes to emphasize all the strong points of the shape, then it will look always great.
Clothing type figure

The figure of "Hourglass"

The upper and lower body are proportional to each other. Owners figures of this type have quite narrow waist and bust and buttocks Vice versa - rounded. This type will fit almost any clothes and accessories for her. The waist can emphasize a stylish strap or a wide belt. Skirt narrow cut, tight breeches or trousers will perfectly fit the image.

Pear-shaped figure

Features: large hips combined with narrow shoulders, average bust, waist can be expressed strongly or weakly, not protruding belly, short stature, lower body is shorter than the top.
In this situation, it is important to shift attention to your upper body. It is necessary to increase and make a proportional upper.

The Figure Of "Rectangle"

Slender legs, broad chest, flat buttocks, thighs without bending the main features. It is necessary to give the figure of femininity through adjustment of the angular field.

The Figure Of "Apple"

Features of this shape are: the silhouette, the waist is not prominent, protruding belly, slender legs, shoulders and hips are proportional to each other. Clothing should visual to lengthen the figure by vertical lines.

Figure "Inverted triangle"

It can be characterized by the following features: shoulders, quite broad, narrow hips, the waist is explicitly expressed, large Breasts and buttocks were most often flat. Approximation to the proportional parts of the body – is the main task that you need to remember when choosing clothes.

Figure "Slender column"

This type of figure is often called boyish because of the narrow hips, the chest is not expressed and implicit waist. To make women look feminine, you should use the clothes to create the appearance of depth and soft curves.

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