So, to make your waist look slimmer, first, start to adhere to a balanced diet. Exclude from the diet of fast food, fat and flour. Replace the sweets with dried fruit. Eat more vegetables, fruits and greens. From drinks, choose green tea, natural juices and mineral water without gas.
As for exercise, it should be done regularly. Daily exercise, start with 10-minute workouts. It may consist of walking in place, bending the body, head rotation, shoulders, hips and wrists. To complete the warm-up complex light Jogging in place for 3 minutes.
To perform the first exercise - twisting with the rise of the head - lie on your back, bend your knees, feet put on the floor, pull your stomach. Hands can be placed behind the head, not crossing the fingers to the castle.
Time raise the shoulders and head and lock this position for 20 seconds. Hips may be perking up a bit. The load must fall on the press.
Two lower your head, shoulders and hips to the starting position and relax your abs.
To perform the second exercise is the reverse curl - lie on your back, legs also bend at the knees. Put your hands along the body with palms down, pull your stomach.
Again - tighten the press, lift the hips up so that the coccyx was in the air. Secure the pose for 10-15 seconds.
Two to return to the original position. The hips in this exercise, you should lift smoothly, without jerks accomplished. During exercise careful, how to tighten the abdominal muscles.
Getting to the third exercise - oblique crunches - the lie on the floor, right leg bend at the knee, leaving the foot on the floor. Put the foot on the leg so that the left ankle on top of right knee and left knee looked to the left. Put your hands behind your head, not joining the fingers, the belly pull.
Again - turn your head and shoulders, turning the right shoulder to the left knee. Try to touch the knee with your elbow. Fix the position for 15 seconds.
Two to get down on the floor and relax. All exercises should be performed at 7-10 times.