Advice 1: How to make your figure slim

The feeling of lightness is always uplifting. But if you gained a few extra pounds, do not despair. To put in order your body can be your own. Harmony is not only a beautiful figure, but it's also a great feeling.
Slim figure
First of all, to tidy up your figure, you need proper nutrition. For Breakfast it is best to eat cereals. Cook the oatmeal and add the banana slices. Oatmeal will give you energy, as contained in the banana is fructose is very useful for the brain. During the day you should drink plenty of water, it removes all the excess from the body. Eliminate from your diet mayonnaise, it is best to replace it with sour cream. But if you decided to dress a salad, it is better to use olive oil, which contains a lot of nutrients.
You should start to do physical exercise to strengthen their muscles. To make the elastic buttocks will help you run. Run for 30 minutes every day and after a couple of weeks you will see the result. Discard the Elevator, walk up to the desired floor.
Morning exercises are necessary. Should not be taken for dumbbells, we are talking about simple exercises. Don't be lazy and get up 10 minutes earlier, this should give you enough time to do exercises. Perform squats, bending, as well as a Bicycle lying on the back. All this will strengthen your muscles and allow you to tone the figure. Problem areas massaging in the shower with a brush or sponge, over time you will notice the result.

Advice 2 : How to achieve a slim figure

Slim figure – the purpose of hundreds of thousands of women, towards which all the fair sex uses a bespoke set of tools. What a way to lose weight effectively?
How to achieve a slim figure
You will need
  • - wrap;
  • - physical activity.
Wanting to have a slender figure that many women strive to lose weight. They don't realize that a skinny body is not the standard of beauty. Even if you managed to get rid of extra pounds, the problems in the area of breeches, cellulite and sagging skin will spoil your mood. So if you want to keep your body really attractive and sexy, you should approach the process of correction of the figure comprehensively. In addition to weight loss, pay attention to the development of various muscle groups and tone the skin to avoid sagging and wrinkling, maintain the vital balance of vitamins and minerals in the body.
If you start to lose weight through rigid dieting, most likely, will reach the desired. The scales will show a cherished figure, for example, 65 kg instead of 72 , but much joy you experience. The fact is that when losing weight the extra pounds go away unevenly. Depending on the type of figure first loses a certain part of the body such as the chest, while the waist and hips, losing only a few centimeters in volume. To the result obtained from the weight loss, you pleased, you must become a true sculptor of your body.
Many women do not have the opportunity weekly to visit the gym. If you are one of them, to help you come to a Hoop. This subject is indispensable for the correction. Buy plastic wrap, empty inside. Disconnect it at the junction and fill a small iron items (nuts, bolts, etc.). Because of this self-made weighting to hula-Hoop will be far from easy, but the results already at the initial stage you will enjoy. The start time of the class with this wrap is 5 minutes. Increase the duration by 1-2 minutes at a time.
If you find it difficult to force yourself to exercise, try one little trick. Turn on very energetic and Groovy music that you can find. And your body wants to move.
Use a Hoop and shaping in the hips. However, one of the sports projectile will not be enough. Select advanced, a few simple exercises to train the leg muscles (squats, jumping rope, running in place, etc.), you will perform daily. It is only regular sport result.
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