Advice 1: Why hot

Feeling suddenly Nakata wave of the heat, which start to burn his cheeks, the fast beating heart and to increase sweating, familiar to many people – and especially women. The reasons for this phenomenon are very diverse: the feeling of heat can cause as banal excitement and a hormonal imbalance.
Why hot
Adult women hot rolling of waves is most often associated with age-related changes in hormonal levels, while more young girls feeling the heat provokes pregnancy or beginning to ovulate. During menopause or fever and congestion may be accompanied by irritability or panic - this is due to lack of estrogen, which produce less fading ovaries. In addition, menopause entails different autonomic disorders, increase blood pressure, which also contributes to the feeling of heat.
Also, the reason you feel the heat can be a problem with the thyroid gland – namely, Hyper - and hypothyreosis caused by a deficiency of hormones of this gland. In addition, it often causes vegetative-vascular dystonia, in which irregular blood pressure control adrenaline and acetylcholine. When the heat of adrenaline a person feels a hot wave in the heart region and chest, becomes aggressive and irritable, whereas the acetylcholine – dwells within apathetic and passive mood. Also a sensation of intense heat may indicate a stroke.
If the heat throws one every few months, not to worry – stress, fatigue, hormonal surges and other factors may cause a similar condition. But for systematic hot flashes in the absence menopause, you should pay close attention, because the body can thus give the owner a danger signal that should not be ignored in order to avoid the development of chronic problems.
During menopause from the tides can be eliminated by using estrogen drugs. In pregnancy, the heat it is to endure – after delivery the hormones will return to normal. Hypertensive patients should monitor blood pressure and time to reduce it, whereas people with vascular dystonia should choose a lifestyle that will protect them from deterioration. Well, it is very important to be protected from the constant stress and physical overload, because they start many chronic diseases.
If the hot wave is not connected with menopause, pregnancy or ovulation, one should suspect other causes of its occurrence.
Useful advice
When checking the body first need to find out the level of hormones: testosterone, thyroid, cortisol, progesterone, estradiol, FSH, prolactin and so on.

Advice 2: Why sweaty when I Wake up

After waking up to throw in a fever for various reasons. If such additional condition is characterized by unpleasant symptoms, you should consider conducting a medical examination.
Why sweaty when I Wake up

Fever after a NAP – the main reasons

If you in the morning burning up with fever, and yesterday you consumed a large amount of alcohol and fatty foods, it is not surprising. Intoxication, usually accompanied by a sensation of heat, nausea, dizziness. Take aspirin or drink one liter of mineral water, cabbage, cucumber pickle, chicken broth. You will be much better once the breakdown products of alcohol will leave your body.
Feeling unusual heat, which is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, dizziness, General weakness, can be a symptom of a dangerous disease. Call emergency assistance to provide the patient emergency care.

Not less common cause of morning heat hormonal disorders or age-related changes in the body. Consult your doctor and get tested for the level of estradiol, cortisol, progesterone, testosterone, luteinizing hormone, FSH or follicle-stimulating hormone, prolactin, TSH, T3 and T4.

In diseases of the thyroid you can throw the night, morning and day, then hot, then cold. When you normalize the function of all the unpleasant symptoms have gone away.

The most popular reason sweaty in the mornings about 40% of the population – dystonia. The adrenaline spike is accompanied by a sensation of heat, discomfort in the heart, psychological imbalance, gloominess and depressing look at the surroundings.
Tuberculosis is a dangerous disease that may be accompanied by fever after waking up, other unpleasant symptoms. Timely diagnosis is a guarantee of successful treatment.

What to do if you systematically sweaty after a NAP

You must see a doctor and get a referral for a comprehensive examination. It's worth checking thyroid function, cardiovascular system, blood all hormones, sugar. Only after the correct diagnosis you will prescribe an effective treatment.

Also, pay attention to your lifestyle. Keep the daily schedule, alternate work with rest, do not get bad habits, eat rationally and moderately.

If the fever after the dream you are throwing quite rare, and there are no other alarming symptoms, you may have simply broken the diet, ate a lot of fatty, spicy or fried just before bedtime. The rule is to eat dinner no later than 3-4 hours before bedtime.

Advice 3: Why, when the climax throws in the heat

In order to minimize the manifestations of menopause need to know their causes and to see your doctor regularly. There are ways to effectively prevent aging. Hormonal therapy helps to restore hormone balance to normal.
A positive emotional background to minimize the manifestations of menopause
Every woman approaching the age 45-50 years, you need to know about those metamorphoses which could start in her health. Information about what to expect prior to and the first phase of menopause, will help to get rid of excessive fears and anxiety.

That is typical for the beginning of menopause?

This phase is called premenopausal women and every woman comes in different ages. All changes that occur during this period in the body, triggered by the unstable hormonal background. It is the symptoms of menopause, as sudden hot flashes, dizziness, dryness of the mucosa, irregular periods.

Only 5% of women have this hormonal alteration is invisible to the General well-being, the other ladies experiencing these or other symptoms. Some of the most common early news of the failure in the body - excessive sweating and hot flashes. The latter manifest themselves as the sudden appearance of heat in the upper body. Localization of such lesions may be different at the same time "burn" can neck, the other – face or other part of the body.

In the same period starts, changes in blood pressure, headaches, and sleep disorders. Body temperature often can be unstable. Hormonal imbalance manifests itself in the nature and psyche of women. She having mood swings, increased crying, suspiciousness. The metabolic disturbance makes itself felt increased formation of adipose tissue.

Methods of correction of health

There is a possibility to track the approach of menopause by using laboratory methods. For this you need to regularly test that is akin to a pregnancy test. If in 2-3 times the indicator showed "positive", then we can talk about the beginning of the endocrine changes of the body. Every woman needs at this age to regularly visit the gynecologist (1 time in half a year).

To prevent wilting beauty there are many cosmetic preparations, the doctor will be able to pick up medicines for the hormonal correction. These measures are on a period can delay the onset of menopause. Therapy is available up to the beginning of irreversible processes in a woman's body.

Which minimizes symptoms of menopause?

• food rich in vitamin E;
• Hiking;
• a healthy lifestyle;
• active physical and intellectual activity;
• estrogen-progestin medications prescribed by a doctor;

A special role in the prevention of early aging plays a positive spirit woman, her self-confidence and an active lifestyle. Internally the emotional state affects the physiological processes much more impact than that claimed by science. Today there is an active process of revision of views that do not reflect reality.
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