First of all, with a written statement in ZHEU in a residence. Make a document that will reflect the information about the date of the last renovation in your home. List what types of repairs it is necessary to hold in the entrance: whitewash the ceiling, paint the walls or replace the glass. Collect signatures of tenants of the house. Be sure to register statement with the Secretary. Prepare copies of the document. One need to keep and another to send to the public reception of the administration (they should now be in every district of the city).
Your application should be answered within a week or two. Currently, if officials do not react in time to statements of citizens, you may lose your seat. However, if you get only the reply, not the answer they expected, write again. But don't forget to collect all the replies negligent officials.
Of course, it's quite a long process but you will be able to submit data if necessary on repeated official requests or to ensure that your home is put in the queue for renovations.
Keep in mind that if your home is managing the campaign, and most of the residents are homeowners, you can refuse the request on the basis of the new Housing code of the Russian Federation. It is said that, in this case, repair of the entrances is at the expense of homeowners.
Then we organize a General meeting of all tenants. First of all, carefully read the contract of apartment building management, and then invite the head of the management of the campaign. Turn to him with oral and written requests for minor repairs in the hallways of the house.
In the case of a refusal make a claim in court. Attach all complaints and appeals, written by you earlier in different instances.
Despite changes in the Housing code of the Russian Federation, you continue to pay for repairs in the house. So calculate the sum of the total payments the occupants of the house during that time as has not been renovated, and go to the reception of your MP. He needs you to provide legal assistance in fighting for their rights.
Try to take part in various competitions and programmes that are usually held periodically in each city. Some active residents are making repairs, putting forward their own projects for improvement.