You will need
  • - a piece of tracing paper (Wallpaper or wrapping paper)
  • calculator
  • pencil
  • - line
  • - cm tape.
Draw a rectangle with vertices T, T1, H, H1. Side ТТ1 should be leveled SB+1.5 cm, side T – length skirt. To find the hips divide the amount ДТС2 by 2 and subtract 2 cm. the Resulting value of the move from point T down and draw a horizontal line placing points B and B1. Divide the amount of SB 2 and the resulting figure aside from the points T, B, N to the right, putting the point T2, B2, H2. Connect the resulting points with a vertical line. The resulting rectangle will serve as the basis for the rear cloth skirts.
How to build <em>pattern</em> <strong>skirt</strong>-<b>pencil</b>
To determine the total solution of the recesses, from poluobhvat hips SB+1.5 cm subtract poluobhvat waist, ST+1, see the Resulting value (SV) is required to write. For the design of the lateral line skirt SV, divide by 2. The resulting figure is 1/2 aside from the point T2. Swipe diagonal line 2 cm above the point B2. Gently smooth the line under the bulge of the thigh approximately 1 cm upwards. Aside from the point N2 to 3 cm in both directions and place saugeye skirt down, not bringing it to the leg about 10 cm is left for You to draw rear and front undercut.
How to build <em>pattern</em> <strong>skirt</strong>-<b>pencil</b>
Cut ББ3 multiply by 0.4. The resulting magnitude of the move from point B and extend up to the waist line, put a point T3. Solution back undercut is 1/3 of the total recess (SV). Put the value of the point T3 in both directions. Draw a diagonal line up to 2cm above the point B3.
Determine the position of a front undercut by multiplying the segment length Т2Т1 0.4.The resulting value is put from the point B1 and extend up to the line ТТ1, put a point T4. The front undercut width is 1/6 of the SV. Let's pack the correct number in both directions from the point T4. The length of the undercut 10-12 cm Side draw in a straight line. In the final drawing, the angle of thigh lift by 1.5-2cm and smoothly complete your waistline. Draw the basic lines and cut out the finished pattern.
How to build <em>pattern</em> <strong>skirt</strong>-<b>pencil</b>