Boneless fish

For those who don't add fish to the menu solely because of castlepaste this product, it is useful to know that there are a number of varieties of fish, whose bones are missing or are in minimum, compared to other species, number.

To boneless fish are: sea language, vomer, mackerel, perch, trout, sea bass, mullet, sea bream, flounder, tilapia (sea chicken) and the ice fish. All these marine life the number of bones is substantially less than fish living in rivers and other freshwater bodies. These instances differ from other aquatic inhabitants that their skeleton includes the spine and the minimum number of rib bones. Some of the fish hated by chefs and gourmets the "edges" are non-existent.

Useful whether the fish without bones

Boneless species of fish have high nutritional value. The benefits of their eating sometimes many times greater than the benefits of inclusion in the diet of bony fish. Thus, the content of protein in the boneless meat of such fish species as women, sole, sea bream and tilapia reaches 18-20%. And digested this substance the human body much easier and faster than protein found in meat animals.

A rich boneless fish and iodine. The contents of this trace element in it is several times higher than in inhabitants of freshwater bodies. Liver oil of fish without bones is rich in vitamins a and D.

How to cook fish without bones

Boneless fish has many advantages over their bony counterparts.

First, this product requires less additional processing and butchering, which greatly facilitates the process of its preparation and takes the chef a minimum of time and effort. Some do before to prepare boneless fish any dish, just thaw it and wash out.

Secondly, preparing the fish without bones or with a minimum number of them much faster than their "skinny friends". For example, stir-frying boneless breaded in flour carcasses boneless fish takes only 10-15 minutes, while cooking this dish from river of life will take 20-25 minutes.

Thirdly, boneless fish, regardless of whether it is ocean or sea, suitable for the preparation of all dishes: the first, second, appetizers, salads, pastries. The boneless fish you can fry, bake, boil, saute or cook in the marinade. Experienced chefs suggest at the end of cooking boneless fish, sprinkle it with lemon juice. So, they claim that the fish will be much softer and tastier, and the inherent smell of iodine will disappear.