Not to be mistaken with the size

It happens that to buy a blanket rather difficult, especially if the bed is a custom size or too big. Because of this, you may encounter a problem when not to choose from, but since I want to cover, especially in the colors, perfectly combined with the interior of the bedroom. In this case, if the house has a sewing machine, you can with your hands easy way to stitch a masterpiece.

First we need to measure the bed along with the mattress, its length, width and height. In order not to be mistaken with the size, it is better to repeat and perform the measurements twice. If a blanket plan to cover over the pillows, it is necessary to take into account their height too, so that the bottom covers enough to hide linens and had in your opinion a reasonable length to the floor. In this issue all calculated individually, depending on what size bedspread you desire.

Choose the fabric

A well thought out style desired bedspreads, remains to choose the fabric, what material would you like to see in their bedroom. Perhaps it will be with a smooth surface satin, dense tapestry, wool, or soft organza.

Make your choice, you can begin to raskryvanie frills, which will serve as a worthy ornament for the quilt. Pre-measured their width, length, which can be any, and to the added height of 4 cm for the seam.

The veil would also look incredible, if, in addition to decorate its edge. It is needed in order to avoid visible seams in the stitching detail. Kant can be cut out from remnants of fabric that will blend in well with a different shade of cloth, then he will be called as extension material.

Now all the received parts are joined, the sides with the main fabric bedspreads and ruffles with the side parts are sewn together in a circle to the side seams combined with the fabric.

Kant should participate face inward to the blade and cut into the corners, in order to exactly lay on the canvas.

Ruffles are folded twice and couturaud. In the end is to stitch a double stitch on the sewing machine, after which the veil can be considered ready.

Blanket stitched with your own hands will stay with You unique and unique. Thanks to him, a sleeping room will have a finished look to the interior, will remain personal pride and will delight day after day you and the whole family.