You will need
  • - passport, valid for 90 days from the date of expiry of the visa;
  • - copy of page with personal data of the passport;
  • - photo 3,5 x 4,5 cm;
  • - application form filled in Italian or English;
  • - tickets to the country and back;
  • - hotel reservation or private invitation;
  • - insurance policy for Schengen countries.
  • - job reference;
  • - sponsorship letter (if necessary);
  • - Bank account statement.
To begin submitting documents for a visa to Italy is best from a collection of documents. The request form can be downloaded from the website of the Consulate or take in the visa application centre. To fill in a form acceptable to the computer or by hand, in the latter case, it should be done in block letters. Upon completion the questionnaire must be signed.
All the documents annexed in support of the application, shall be provided with copies, except for work references and Bank statements: these papers it is better to pass in its original form. Job reference must be made on company letterhead and is provided with a printing company, you should also pass it for signature to the chief accountant and the head. Statement of account must be stamped by the Bank. Balance should be based 50-60 Euro per day of stay in the country. Transfer paper is not required.
The citizens of Russia to issue an Italian visa, you need to contact the Consulate or visa application centre of Italy, they are available in most major cities. Full list of visa centers the easiest way to check the Consulate's website. The applications can be submitted by appointment, but if you apply in Moscow visa center, it is possible to do it in a queue. Option is valid only for individuals.
As a rule, the visa can be ready within 4 to 14 business days. Processing time may increase if you apply in the hot season. In most cases the processing of the application is made not longer than one week. The cost of visa is 35 Euro, but if you apply at the visa application centre, you will have to pay for his services.
The practice of issuing multiple entry visas for citizens of Russia became a regular for the Italian Consulate. Even if you have never been to the Schengen countries, provided solid-looking package of documents (enough funds in the account, a permanent stable job, perhaps the presence of stamps of other countries in the passport) chances of getting a multiple entry visa is very high. If you've been in Schengen for the last two years, will receive multivisa with almost absolute guarantee, subject to the approval of visa application.
The usual thing for Italy is to issue multiple visas for six months with duration of stay 90 days. If you apply the Italians is not the first time, then you can safely count on a one-year visa or even a two year old.