You will need
  • - the passport;
  • - completed visa application form with a stamp that you ask for multi visa;
  • photography;
  • - documents certifying the purpose of travel;
  • - other documents as required by the relevant Consulate;
  • - money to pay the consular fee.
For a Schengen multivisa is usually sufficient confirmation of residence at the time of first entry. However, if you are applying for a multi entry visa, you may have signed the obligation to take out insurance for each trip. With this requirements download the form of commitment on the Consulate's website, then you need to fill it out, print, sign and attach to the package of documents for visa.
In some cases it may be useful to immediately buy insurance for the whole period of visa validity covering the number of days that will be allowed to enter, and meet other requirements of the Consulate.
When filling out the visa application form don't forget to make a mark in the field concerning the multiplicity of visa: select "multi". However, note that this stamp doesn't guarantee anything. Even with long insurance obtained the visa can be at best twice, especially if you are visiting a country for the first time.
Collect other documents required by the specific Consulate. Their set and wishes in respect of each of them will specify on the website of the relevant Consulate or by phone. Make an appointment for submission of documents, if necessary. If the Consulate does not practice this, come in or visa application centre during office hours.Pay the visa fee at the consular cashier or through a Bank, depending on the conditions of interest.
Passing the documents, wait for decision. The term, which will need to take a passport with visa or without, you name.