You will need
  • - passport
  • - copies of pages from the previous passport (if any),
  • - picture of the established sample,
  • A completed application form,
  • - booking of air tickets in both ends,
  • - your hotel for the entire stay on the first trip,
  • - medical insurance for Schengen countries
  • - reference from place of work,
  • - extract from the Bank account that contains enough money for the first trip.
Before you plan a two-year visa, learn about the experience of compatriots, to make a choice on a country that paste you cherished sticker with a sufficiently high probability. Not all the countries of Europe willing to give a two-year Schengen visa. Some countries are pretty easy to put children of the same age (e.g. Finland), but visas for two years for their rarity. Others do most often give a one-act visa exactly the period of stay on the first trip.
Before you can apply for a two-year Schengen, it is useful to ensure that to satisfy some requirements. The most important is frequent visits to Europe. The blank passport, without a single Schengen visa, a two-year period will not be glued, of course, if you don't have the old passport, filled with all kinds of European visas. So best to start with in order to create a good visa history. Perhaps the first your visa will not be repeated, but if not to violate the terms of stay and to meet the Consulate, on a two-year period, you can count on the third or fourth time, sometimes it is possible to even when the second visa application.
There are other requirements for those that wish to obtain a visa for two years. It's a solid package of documents that cause respect. Usually a good impression on the Consulate produce a certificate from the employer, which indicated good wages, seniority, as well as extracts from the accounts with large sums of money. Well, if a person has strong ties with the homeland, for example, it owns real estate, is married and has children. All of this is a guarantee that if you get a two-year visa, it will not be abused.
Quite easily get a two-year Schengen those who requests a visa with a business purpose. They are entrepreneurs who have cooperated with representatives of European countries. If you have a good reason to frequent the country needs, it is possible to obtain a two-year Schengen visa even if no visa history. Such cases are rare, but they are known. The same applies to those who have relatives in Europe.
Before you can apply for a two-year visa, make sure that your passport has sufficient validity. There are rules according to which consulates do not issue Schengen visa, the validity of which will exceed three months before the expiry date of the passport. Therefore, if you want a two-year visa, passport at the time of submission must be valid for at least 2 years and 3 months.