Multiple-entry Schengen visa is a long entry permit for the countries of the Schengen agreement. She multivisa issued for a few months, six months, a year, three and even five. This is a convenient way of obtaining permission to travel to Europe without unnecessary paperwork and waste of time. That's just to get multivisa, not everyone can.
If you have the opportunity to obtain business or private invitation, multivisa in your pocket. This is one of the prerequisites for obtaining a long entry permits. But even in this case a multiple-entry visa is issued initially for three months, then it can once again collect the documents, extend to semi-annual, then to annual, triennial, etc.
If possible to get the invitation not, for registration of multiple visas need a good reason. For example, frequent trips to Europe the past few years. Also, you should confirm your financial security.
For Russia to multishengen recently quite simply through Spain. In order to increase the influx of tourists this country, subject to the availability of all necessary documents and certificates, opens mullenger virtually all tourists applying for a visa. Six months Schengen visa with the right to visit Schengen countries for up to 90 days gets almost anyone. Also Greece in the second match gives long-term visas to all comers.
To apply to receive multivisa you potrebuet to collect the following documents:

- passport, valid for 3 months after expiry of visa;

- originals and copies of previous passports (if available).

- 2 photos 3,5x4,5 cm;

- certificate of employment with indication of position;

copies of all filled pages of the Russian passport.

In the event of lack of work, provide a certificate from the school and a sponsor's letter with agreement of the sponsor to pay for your trip and proof of his place of work.